Find the core
of your rhythm
– with Jennie Widegren

Rhythm is all you need. Almost. As always when dancing is involved – it’ll take some core. To get the most out of your 2013 workouts you’ll need to build core strength. The strength that lets you perform and enjoy to your full potential. We’ve covered some of the insights that’ll get you on track. Let the year of You begin.

The Tones of Fitness

It’s 2013 and dancing is as influential as always in fitness – and House music is still setting the major tones. Its repetitive beats will continue to inspire us to achieve great things, at high pulses. Latino rhythms from for example Zumba and Les mills Shabam will continue to fill the floors, getting great help from popular TV-shows. Find your favorite class, there are plenty to choose from.

Trends to watch? A big heads up for the growing trend in jazzfunk workout, Feminine vibe. People seem to love sweating away to female tunes from Robyn, Beyoncé, Pink and The Pussycat Dolls. Could it be that we all want to be superstars? And don’t miss the Ballet barr workouts, picking up the posture and static essentials from classical Ballet. They’ll definitely help us strengthening our core in 2013. And we are going to need it.

It’s All About the Core

Dancing is mega functional. When mixing small and large movements, you want lots of balance and flexibility. So give some extra attention to your abs, back, thighs, shoulders and butt – because what you need is a strong core. You’ll definitely feel the difference in your favorite class.

Kick start your training with Casall’s U-shape tool. The U-shape is designed to offer an effective way of building all round strength. It can easily be combined with free weight exercises for those who want to push a little harder. Check out our T.O.D. exercises to get started. And of course, don’t forget your running. Tracks and laps are great for core strength.

U-Shape Exercises
- ready to be worked

We’ve prepared the moves and instructions you need to work the core on the U-Shape.
Just download our Casall T.O.D. (Training of The Day) App. You can also watch the exercises on our Youtube channel.

Here are the winning pictures of this month´s Casall Explore competition. Thanks for awsome inspiration. Let´s go train everyone!

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