Take a break in between work, christmas preparations, christmas parties or before starting the day in order to work on your mental and physical strength and energy.

The holiday season is here! Maybe you feel like there is no time to visit the gym? The solution: A Workout at home! No excuses! It’s easy, it’s effective, but most importantly, you deserve it! Make the best of the situation and see the opportunities. Try to be creative, create your little corner of movement at home, and decide what you need.

For us at Casall, training harmony means naturally connecting the heart, body and soul. This is Holistic Training. The foundation is simple: We need a variety of complementary physical and mental activities to stay conditioned, uninjured and thriving. Below you will find three training programs, try them separately but preferably you will find that you need to do them all! Let's stay Healthy this holiday season!

Toning ball - Full Body workout

Casall Trainer Frida Hallqvist has based on her professional ballet background and experience created a workout program using the toning ball that you can easily do full body workouts at home or while traveling.

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Running Intervals

We love to feel fresh air in our lungs, the wind on our face, and improve both physical and mental health by spending time in outside. So layer up and try Casall Trainer of Tomorrow Rebecca Hammel's best tips for making your run training more fun and more effective with interval training.

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7 Functional Training Exercises

Functional training – training that includes resistance and mobility exercises that will act to support you in your day to day life – is a favourite of Casall ambassador and trainer Matthew Griffiths. 

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