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A Summer holiday naturally offers you time to invest in yourself. Whether you are at home or on the road, plan for a balanced training routine this year. Below are our best tips and strategies to help you stay healthy during the holidays.


Do a few minutes planning to prepare for your trip, writing down how you can make room for training within your travel itinerary. Think about things like:

  • What types of workouts you could do on the road
  • What training facilities your accommodation offers
  • What running routes will help you explore the area
  • What local gyms, yoga studios would you like to try
  • Who can you train with to make it fun and social

Spending 10 minutes writing this down helps set an intention for the trip. And when you arrive, you’ll already have a good idea of how you’re going to stay fit and feel great during your holiday.


Longer trips usually mean limited room in your suitcase, but there are a few essentials that take up just a tiny bit of room while providing countless uses to keep your training routine on track. Think about things like:

  • Travel yoga mat – a good mat is the foundation of a healthy travel routine
  • Resistance bands – for strength, stability and flexibility workouts
  • Trigger point ball – to massage any tight spots and increase mobility
  • Travel tube roll – mix in rest and recovery sessions to optimize performance 
  • Skipping rope – to keep up the cardio with skipping intervals
  • Water bottle – don’t forget to hydrate
  • Travel towel – a small, light-weight, quick drying accessory



Put your travel training tools to use with a morning yoga practice, simple body weight work-out, evening run on the trail or the beach, or resistance band exercises in your hotel room. Every bit counts.

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Training Tools

Always take a yoga mat with you. Add a massage ball for mobility exercises, and a super-rubber band for resistance. Loop it over a piece of playground equipment, a tree branch, or even the top of a door.

Training Clothes

Keep it simple: t-shirt and shorts, a pair of quick-drying tights, and some swimwear. Our technical fabrics are lightweight, comfortable, wash and dry quickly. Plus, they don’t crease in the bottom of your bag.