I like to do some workout ever day. To get a strong and healthy body you need to exercise regurarly and varied all year around. You need to combine soft and restorative training with really tough and challenging exercises. This is a really short but intensive cardio workout, it will challenge and test your cardio and perserverance. 

I do 15 reps (except for a couple of the exercises) of each exercise for three laps. If you can without rest in between but you can also add 60 sec rest between each lap. Modify if it gets to tough by not going so deep in each exercise, but never stop completely.

This workout only takes a couple of minutes. You can either do it by itself or finish off a strength workout for that extra challenge.


Start in a squat position with one hand on opposite foot. Explode in a jump. Repeat on the other side. This exercise work strength, explosiveness and perserverance.



Go back in a lunge, explode in a jump up with the same leg. This exercise can of course be done without a jump as well. Count to ten before you switch to the other leg.


Start in a squat position. Your weight should be over your heels, hold your chest up. Press yourself up into a jump, straighten your arms in the jump. This exercise can of course be done without a jump as well.


A burpee without push up. Start standing, jump down to push up position but instead of doing the push up, press your knee to your elbow (same side) to challenge your core even more. Do a knee to elbow on each side and then a normal burpee-jump. Keep the pace and make sure to lift your hips in the jump instead of "throwing" your legs.


Jumping lunges. Make sure that you keep your centre of gravity straight down in the middle of your body. Don't bend forward, keep your body straight. Keep up the pace. Count to ten on each leg. I can promise you that your will feel your hamstrings the next day.