We joined up with Johanna Hector and the Soulwork club for an event - see a short film from Day Club here. We also asked Johanna to share some of her favourite exercises with our yogawheel so you can get some new inspiration how to use it.



Learn and explore the many benefits of the Yoga Wheel with these tips! You will connect to your core, safely backbend, increase flexibility, breathe deeply in the postures, increase blood flow, and learn how to use the wheel to deepen your practice.

Choose 1-3 poses from each section below to create your own practice. And check out this video on how to work with the wheel in the different poses.

Warm Up

  • Purpose: Get to know the wheel, to warm up muscles/joints/nervous system and connection to the breath.
  • Vibe: Building confidence, clear, presence 
  • Asana: Childs pose, Catt/Cow, Down Dog

Foundation Work

  • Purpose: Building strength and heat from the legs up. Working active mobility and stability.
  • Vibe: Grounding, building stamnia, heat, patience 
  • Asana: Lunge, Warrior 3, Standing balance


  • Purpose: Connection to the core to build balance
  • Vibe: Heat, playfulness, intensity
  • Asana: Plank, Arm balances, locust variations


  • Purpose: Creating resistance and opening up from a place of strength. Working through the entire spine and the scapula/shoulder.
  • Vibe: Soft yet precise focus, power from the heart, internalizing the practice 
  • Asana: Rolling through the spine (low, mid, upper back), Bridge, Wheel

Warm Down

  • Purpose: To warm down, neutralize the backbends and settle down into grounding/releasing postures and movements.
  • Vibe: Slow, steady, earthy
  • Asana: Shoulder work, Thread the needle, Leg stretches

Casall Yoga Wheel

Casall Yoga Wheel is a tool that can be use for both dynamic flexibility and strength. The yoga wheel is specially created to strengthen, open, and stabilize the muscles around your spine. The rolling motion of the wheel makes it perfect for working the upper back, shoulders, chest, spine, and hips.