The right yoga mat can make a world of difference to your practice.  However, we know that choosing one can seem a bit daunting with all the choices available. We’re here to help with our yoga mat guide.


The right yoga mat can make a world of difference to your practice.  However, we know that choosing one can seem a bit daunting with all the choices available. We’re here to help with our yoga mat guide.




Our yoga mats range from 3mm all the way up to 7mm. Even our thinnest yoga mats are well-cushioned and comfortable for exercises performed when lying down. We love the thickness of our 7mm TPE exercise mat for floor exercises, and for standing poses, a mat that has good density, such as our Cork Yoga Mat will provide the most stability.



Unlike a basic exercise mat, good grip is essential for a yoga mat. The grip allows you to get deeper into complex standing poses and feel secure – this is why we practice yoga on a mat and not on the floor.

Superior grip is especially important under wet conditions, such as a hot yoga class; we recommend our Yoga Mat Grip & Cushion.


We choose to make our yoga mats out of the materials we know not only perform the best, but are also friendlier to the environment.

Natural rubber – Our environmentally-friendly natural rubber is non-Amazon harvested.

Natural rubber comes from rubber resin and is a natural material. To be able to use natural rubber for yoga mats the material needs to be processed and "baked" to a dough. By applying heat the natural rubber is transformed to a foam with great cushioning and grip features.

We use natural rubber from rubber plantations in south east Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines amongst others. Our environmentally-friendly natural rubber is non-Amazon harvested. You can get 30 years of harvest from the rubber trees before they are devasted and used as wood. They then plant new trees and the lifecycle continues. This is the most environmentally-friendly method for the planet. 

Natural cork – Our cork is sustainably produced in Portugal. Cork offer a natural and nice touch, the grip gets better when the material is damp. Another great quality with cork is that it will wear organically over time.

Our cork is 100% sustainably produced from the bark of Cork Oak trees in Portugal. It is an all-natural raw material, with unparalleled character. It is completely biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. Harvesting the cork is carried out meticulously by hand. The trees do not have to be cut down. In fact, the cork oak undergoes a self-regeneration process meaning cork harvesting is a uniquely sustainable process. The cork we choose from Portugal guarantees that high standards also exist for the workers. Cork workers in Portugal are the highest paid agricultural workers in the world due to the level of expertise necessary to harvest the cork without damaging this precious resource.

PVC - is short for Polyvinyl chloride. It's a synthetic material that comes from the polymerization of vinyl chloride. PVC plastic is the second most used plastic in the world today. It can be found in industrial products, rain coats, shower curtains, and yoga mats to mention a few.

PVC's most important quality is longevity, doesn't wear easily and resistant to weather and wind. Moreover it doesn't demand much maintenance and is lightweight. The plastic can also easily be shaped and coloured. In it's true form the PVC plastic is lightweight and stiff but it can also be produced in a flexible "plasticized" form. It is that process, if mishandled, that can be hazardous for people and the planet. Casall has though our 30 years experience and relationships with our supplier secured a controlled deleopment process and can guarantee that the plasticizers that we add are free from phthalates in our yoga mats.

TPE – TPE is a non-toxic and recyclable material. It’s PVC-free, and contains no phthalates.

TPE is short for thermoplastic elastomer that is based on SEBS (Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene). It is somtimes called thermoplastic rubber, that is because TPE has the same qualities and performance as rubber and are therefore handled in the same manner as plastics, so can be recycled. TPE has an elastic qualities and are therefore a soft, light and flexible material. You need les energy to produce TPE, it is easy to colour and is stable through the development process which eliminates unneccessary waste. Since TPE is lightweight and have great cushioning and grip qualities it is a great material choice for yoga mats.


At home or at the yoga studio - We believe that everyone should have their own yoga mat, whether at home at a yoga studio. If you’re taking your own mat to the yoga studio, consider the weight of the mat. A lightweight mat such as our Yoga Mat Nano Grip is perfect for yoga on the go. 

Hot yoga - For hot yoga, choose a mat with good grip when wet. Our Grip Cushion Yoga Mat offers superior traction in hot conditions as liquids are absorbed into the mat. The Nano Grip Yoga Mat is made with small holes to keep the mat dry, which provides good grip during hot yoga.

Travel - Lightweight mat that still provides adequate cushioning is the perfect travel companion. The Nano Grip Yoga Mat is currently the lightest mat in our range.

Pilates / floor exercises - Pilates and other floor exercises require a thicker mat. The Casall Exercise Mat provides 7mm of cushioning, which is perfect for this type of training. Similarly, our Cork Yoga Mat is 5mm thick, and offers firm support for floor exercises.




At Casall, we work on becoming a little bit better today than we were yesterday, every single day. We call this Forever Better, and it shapes everything we do. This means when we create our yoga mats, we go to great lengths to ensure they will perform optimally well, including great grip, cushioning, support, and durability. In order to make it easier for you to choose the mat that’s right for you, we’ve grouped our mats according to some common uses and characteristics.



Our Pro-Grade yoga mats are for serious yogis looking to take their practice to the next level. They’re made from top-quality, durable materials and provide excellent cushioning, support, and grip.

The Yoga Mat Grip & Cushion offers exceptional traction, even in wet conditions.

Our sustainable Cork Yoga Mat provides excellent cushioning and a great surface for your yoga practice.

A grippy eco-friendlier mat is Eco Grip & Bamboo yoga mat, delivering exceptional functionality and predominantly made from natural materials. 

"My favorite yoga mat is the cork mat. Perfect grip for sweaty hands and if not, just spray a little water, and it´s great. It lays really steady and safe on the floor and carries every move smoothly. Good for the environment. Good for your practice."




Mid Range yoga mats are for yogis with an established home practice. Mats in this category are well-cushioned and provide good grip for getting into more advanced yoga poses.

Position Yoga Mat 4mm is well-cushioned and has good traction to help you through the most challenging poses in the most comfortable way.

If you’re into Pilates, the 7mm Exercise Mat Comfort provides superior support for floor work.



On-the-go yoga mats are high-quality lightweight mats, perfect for taking with you to yoga class, or even for taking along with you when you travel.

Yoga Mat Cover Up is a thin, foldable yoga mat with the absolute best grip. Perfect to take with you on your trip or cover the existing mat at the gym, for better hygiene. 

Travel mat 4mm is a very lightweight yoga mat, perfect for travel, or, bring to the gym to place over the public mats so you always have a fresh mat, it's foldable so you can easily bring it with you in your bag.

We have updated our popular bamboo mat with excellent grip for non-sweaty conditions. This eco-friendlier Yoga mat Bamboo 4mm delivers good grip, cushioning and support for your home training. It's really lightweight so easy to bring anywhere.

"I love Casall mats because I feel they fit in with what I am trying to represent as a holistic wellness coach. That every purchase we make is a vote to what the company stands for. So when I'm practising yoga on an ethically resourced Casall mat I feel at home."




Våra Starter-yogamattor är kompakta mattor för stretchning eller styrketräning hemma eller i studion.

Mattan Yoga Mat Balance har en tjocklek på 3 mm och är en ordentlig bas för stående positioner.

Vår Yoga Mat Cushion är 5 mm och ger bra dämpning vid övningar liggande på rygg. Dessa yogamattor är ett bra alternativ för nybörjaren som vill upptäcka alla fördelar med yoga.