Pressure point ball bamboo - Pink

180 DKK


Use the ball to apply gradual pressure on knotted muscles to stretch and improve circulation. Made of 25% Bamboo and Rice husks. The production of this ball uses up to 50% renewable energy sources.


Article number 563003151

  • Diameter: 6,7cm

Size & Weight

  • Product size: 6,7x6,7x6,7 cm
  • Product weight: 0,07 kg
  • Package size: 7,9x7,9x7,5 cm


EVA, Polyethylene, Rice Husk powder, Bamboo powder, Natural Cellulose fibres

25% biobased material including Bamboo fibres and rice husks, Natural cellulosic fibres. EVA foam, Polyethylene.

Care instruction

Can be sensitive to sun exposure, Washable in cold water.