Iconic Sports Bra is an icon among sports bras. It has been around for over 20 years and is still one of Casall's best selling products.

"I absolutely love these bras, and have been wearing them every day for years, as well as for long distance running. they are just so comfy."

- Samantha B


Is our original sports bra. It's an all-purpose sports bra that can be used for anything. It's incredibly supportive, but still super soft, leaving you feeling comfortably secure. We call it Iconic because, well, it is.

Size: XS-XL (AB-CUP or CD-CUP)



What did we want to accomplish with Iconic Sports bra?

Iconic was developed with the goal of becoming the best sports bra on the market providing the best possible support, while being soft, comfortable and transporting moisture away efficiently. When the development work began it was to be one of Casall's two first sports bras, both of which were launched in 1989. Casall's founder and owner Carl-Axel Surtevall worked with Casall's designer at the time for over 2 years to bring this icon to market. 

What makes the Iconic Sports bra so great?

The most important part of the development which also became the the most challenging step in the process was finding the perfect fabric . The fabrication needed a fine balance between softness, elasticity and firmness in order to provide optimal comfort and support. At the same time, the fabric had to be soft and stretchy enough so that the sports bra would not flatten the bust too much or in any way be uncomfortable. This may seem impossible but they found that the solution was to use a 2-layer system - two fabrics with exactly the right stretch in different directions that work together to meet all the requirements. The advanced fabrics were developed together with a high-tech German company that still delivers some of the fabrics to Iconic sports bra.

Proof of how good and successful this icon has been is that it is still Casall's best selling sports bra and probably the best-selling sports bra in Scandinavia with over 2 million pieces sold!

What has changed over the years?

Today the bra still looks as great as it always has, only small adjustments have been made over the years since it’s launch. Throughout the years Iconic Sports Bra has won numerous accolades within test awards carried out by consumer magazines in many different countries as well as Testfakta which is a highly regarded, independent test and research company, specialized in laboratory testing and consumer product evaluation.

What sort of training is it suitable for?

Iconic Sports Bra popularity is due, in part, to its versatility when it comes to different types of training. It provides the perfect support for high-intensity training such as running and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) but at the same time it is soft and comfortable so that it also works excellently for more low-intensity exercises such as yoga and gym training.

Iconic Wool Sports bra

Much has happened since Casall launched its first sports bras 30 years ago. Today sports bras are perhaps the most important part of the training closet and there is now a wide range of sports bras to choose from at Casall. Iconic sports bra has, for example, received a "little sister" which has an insulating lining in a wool blend. Iconic Wool Sports Bra not only gives the perfect support but also has a warming function for outdoor exercise in colder weather conditions.