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”When people are not in the moment, they're not there to know that they're not there.”

Ellen Langer


How do you stabilize a life of good health, healthy relationships and development? The key is a mindful lifestyle and lifelifting routines. Sleep is extremely important. Nutrition for body and soul (nutritious food, exercise and positive experiences) and trust. The word integrate originate from Latin and mean "to make whole”. One way to ensure integration is to create good habits.  Some behaviors are not negotiable if we want to live a full life. These non-negotiable behaviors are first and foremost sleeping, eating and moving in nature.

Distinguish between habits, routines and rituals. Understand how they differ and then choose what you want to create.


Habits - are something we do out of habit. They can be bad or good or neither. They are by definition controlled by our internal autopilot and are unconscious. As long as we don't talk about them - they're just something we do. Like brushing your teeth or saying "thank you" when we are given something.


Routines - are more of a programmed product. They are defined by some kind of order. They are managed - like habits - by our autopilot but are more conscious choices. Like having a coffee after dinner, watering the flowers, calling mom on Sundays, watching a TV show or exercising on Thursdays.


Rituals - has a slightly higher purpose. They are conscious, selected and emotionally charged behaviors. An integration of conscious choice and a high value. They take us into a higher dimension of ourselves, release energy and potential. Elite athletes do them to secure a shortcut to their highest ability. A musician practice them to reach the best possible mood. A writer often does the same thing every day to get the best output. Effective meetings are often based on rituals that allow all participants to focus and be present at their full capacity. Rituals are more often based on meaning and values ​​than habits and routines.



To stabilize life is to influence the behaviors within your power and create good routines around them. Nothing is more important for your health and development than building sustainable, healthy habits and relationships.

By sleeping properly, eating regularly, exercising and getting out into nature, you strengthen your internal system and stabilize your connection to inner resources.

Wheel of Life:

If you want to review your areas of life, and strategically strengthen them, you can use the model WHEEL OF LIFE. It is a model that helps you look at life as a whole. The model suggests that you can look strategically at your life 4 equal parts; Work, relationships, interests and health. You can then create an inventory for each of these areas. In addition, the model provides another important insight to anyone who has "too much to do" or thinks the job is very "stressful".

The realization is that it is not so dangerous to work much. That is rarely the problem. That the problem arises from everything you do NOT do. When a living area takes over. When your relationship becomes your everything or the job devours your hours, you get out of balance because you spend too little time on your relationships or interests.

  1. What habits, routines and rituals would you need in your life to ensure a powerful, healthy, strong life in line with your values?
  2. What do your sleeping habits look like? What would you like to change?
  3. What relationships would you feel good about giving a little more attention and time?