Casall ambassador Frida Hallqvist is showing us some really challenging exercises with our fabric mini band! Mini band, resistance bands or rubberbands - whatever you choose to call them -  are effective training tools for full-body functional training. They are easy to take with you wherever you go, and are perfect for working on strength, flexibility, and stability. So grab your band and let's go outside and get going!



Let's go outside and get that extra energy pumping with adding fresh air to the mix! Do the exercises for 10-20 repetitions x 4 laps.



Mini_band_exercise_1_1.jpg Mini_band_exercise_1_2.jpg

Walking squats with mini band. Place the band above your knees. Come down to a squat position and take one step to the right, try to stay as low as possible through the movement. Take 10 steps to the right and then 10 steps in the other direction.



Mini_band_exercise_2_1.jpg Mini_band_exercise_2_2.jpg

Keep the band in the same position, above your knees. Come down in a lunge with your right leg back. Go straight from the lunge position to pulling your right knee up. Work on your balance and posture throughout the exercise. Do 10 reps and then switch to the other leg.



Mini_band_exercise_4_1.jpg Mini_band_exercise_4_2.jpg

Place the band at your ankles and come down in a plank position. Keep a straight back as you lift your right foot up and stretch out the band. Switch to the other foot. Continue like this for 20 repetitions.



Mini_band_exercise_5_1.jpg Mini_band_exercise_5_2.jpg

This is such a small movement but it is SO tough!! Place the band over your lower arms just as Frida has it above. Stretch it out and try to back when you go in again. This is a really small movement but try to keep the band stretched throughout the exercise. This is really challenging for your shoulders - Frida might look happy but we promise you she is not! :) 



Mini_band_exercise_3_1.jpg Mini_band_exercise_3_2.jpg

Let's finish strong and get that heart pumping! Keep the band above your knees and come down in a squat position with one hand in the ground. Try to be explosive and jump straight up. When you come down you switch to the other hand. Do this for 1 minute x 3 rounds.