We teamed up with our yogi Julia Martinsson to create an easy training program so that you can get started with your yoga practice.

It's time to take you yoga practice to the next level. Did you miss the first program? Check it out right here. Julia Martinsson has put together a two-step program that will help you get started with your yoga practice in the home. 

This is the first program, the second program you'll find here!



Try this yoga program in the comfort of your own home - it doesn't take long to complete. When you feel comfortable with the exercises, try doing it vinyasa-style where you flow through the exercises instead of pausing for 3-5 breathes. One breath, one movement.

Once you've finished, repeat the program on your left side.


1.1.jpg1.2.jpgStand on all four on the mat with your hands slightly infront of your shoulders. Start to swayback slightly as you press your hands down to the mat, spread you fringers. Lift your knees slightly from the floor and start to life your tail bone towards the ceiling. Keep your legs bent and heels over the ground. If this feels alright, start to straighten your legs and lower your heels to the floor. If you catch your back starting to bend, go back to bending your legs, to later on straighten them again (repeat this action). The most important thing is that you keep your back straight. Focus your eyes between your feet or your knees if your neck allows for it. Pedal your feet slightly and/or shake your head to make your dog more dynamic. Do what feels best for you.

Stay for 5 breaths.


2.1.jpg2.2.jpg At your next inhale, lift your right leg upward and backwards. Try to keep your hips paralell and weight equally distributed between your left and right hand. At your next exhale, step forward with your right hand between your hands and lower your left knee to the floor. Place your fingertips on the mat on each side of the fot. If your tips cannot reach the ground, use a yoga block. Breathe in and lif your breast towards the ceiling as you lower your left hip to the grounf. If your body allows it, raise your hands to the ceiling. You can also work dynamically with your arms by sweeping your hands over your hand as you inhale and backwards as you exhale.

Stay for 3-5 breayhs and sink into the position.


3.1.jpg3.2.jpgAt your next exhale, start to press your right heel into the mat and sit down with your butt. Place your finger tips/palm of your hands on each side of the leg infront of you (either on the mat or yoga block). Sway your hips a little from side to side and try to find a stretch that targets the back of your thigh. If the balance is good, release your hands from the ground and point your fingers back towards your toes with your palms facing the mat. Keep your upper body as straight as possible , open up your chest and look sidelong to extend your neck. 

Excerise 2 and 3 can be done statically for 3-5 breaths or by dynamically shifting between the two. When you inhale, you should bend your front leg and raise to a low lunge. When you exhale, stretch your front leg and sit down in half a split. Repeat 3-5 times.



4.2.jpg4.3.jpgStep forward in a low lunge and place your left hand on the inside of your right foot. inhale and lift your right arm up towards the ceiling, let your gaze follow you up facing the fingertips (if your neck allows for it). Either stop here or start to bend your back foot towards your butt and grab yourright hand on the outside of your left foot. Press your foot to your hand and your hand to your foot. Your chest strives up to the ceiling and your left hip down to the floor. If you cannot reach your foot, use a Yoga Strap, or simply just keep your right arm up. If you want to sink a little deeper in your left thigh, try to work dynamically by pulling your right foot to your butt and then back again. Repeat 3-5 times.


5.1.jpg5.2.jpgIf you cannot grab your fot, let it go with a controlled movement. Sweep your right hand to the front and back and place it on the inside of your front foot. Kee your left toes and knees to the mat, stretch your chest and strive to keep a striaght back. If this feel alright, come down on your forearm and sway slightly to the side to feel in your hips. Lift your back knee from the ground for a challenge. Stay for 3-5 breaths.


6.2.jpg6.3.jpgCome up on your palms and place your hands on each side of your right foot. Walk your right foot to the left side of the mat and place your foreleg paralell to the short side of the mat. Adjust the intensity by pulling your heel towards your loin. Flex your front fot to protect your knee-joint. Place your hand on each side of the foreleg as your left leg goes back. Either you keep your dorsum or toes in the mat - whatever's best for you. Try to keep your hips paralell and keep your weight centered (it's easy to fall over to your right side so try to keep your conscious around the placement of your hips).

Stay in an upright position with your upper body, come down on your forearms, or with your forehead. This position is nice to stay in for a little longer just to slow down.

Another alternative is to keep the energy up by working dynamically. Keep your fingertips widely spread. When you exhale, lift your upper body and lower it back to the mat as you exhale. Repeat 3-5 times.

Finish by staying in Savansana for 5-10 minutes to soak up the effects of the session and for some relaxation.


A high performance mat with excellent grip, density and firmness. Any water or sweat will gradually absorb into the mat to provide the best possible grip and a slip-free surface.




I'm a certified yoga teacher passionate about making this fast-paced world a more harmonious and happy place. I wish to inspire people to a more balanced and joyful life.

Apart from yoga I love to go out for a run, to experiment with vegetarian and vegan food in the kitchen and to make (and eat) extra-everything-breakfasts.


Yoga has helped me to do just that. I come from a background where high intensity training was everything. It was always about running faster, lifting heavier and constantly getting results – both when exercising and in life.

Over ten years ago I started doing yoga, and it really made the difference for me. I now listen to my body in a completely new way and have learnt to not neglect the need for reflection and relaxation. When I started to listen to my inner voice I realized that I had been pushing myself and my body so hard for so many years. Today, I combine meditation practices with more physical yoga and other activities.

I still love to run and lift heavy, the difference is that now I do it from joy, not from the feeling that I have to.  For me, that has been a game changer. Also, I try not to create any strict boundaries when it comes to food. Everyone is different but balancing green smoothies with chocolate and cinnamon buns is what works best for me!


Yes, everyone can do yoga, and I strongly believe that most people would feel so much better if they practiced yoga. However, everyone might not like it. And that is okay. It’s the same thing as everyone not being into boxing, or soccer, or basketball, or *insert any sport that comes to mind*.

I do however believe that everyone that is curious should give yoga a chance, and not just ONE chance. Try different styles, different teachers and different studios. What works for me might not necessarily work for you. We are all different and “nobody is for everyone” if you understand what I mean. Not all yoga teachers are for you. Find a style you like, whether it’s a more physical or relaxing type of yoga, and find a teacher that you like.


Oh, it must be my Seamless leo tights and top in black from Casall and my yoga blocks (maybe that doesn’t count as “wardrobe”, but I need to include them anyway). The blocks I use almost daily, either for “supported half bridge” or putting one under the upper part of my back and one under my head for a nice chest opener..


My best tip is to not think so much, just try it! Go to a class or start at home, whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

For some people it might feel good to try it out at home first, just to get a feel for what it is all about. I started out doing yoga videos at home, on my dvd-player (yes it was 100 years ago, haha). Nowadays there are many good platforms where you can find both videos (for example yogobe), and yoga programs through pictures and descriptive texts, like the two yoga programs I made here at Casall. Don’t overcomplicate it, just try.

If you start at home, I recommend you to start going to classes after some time to avoid doing the positions in a way that could harm you and also to get help to evolve in the right direction! A good teacher will also inspire you to continue with your yoga practice. Then you can mix your home practice with taking classes.


Julia Martinsson is a certified yoga teacher passionate about making this fast-paced world a more harmonious and happy place. She wants to inspire people to a more balanced and joyful life.