Minds in Motion

The Minds In Motion are the emerging entrepreneurs, creatives, producers, writers, founders, directors and executives who push boundaries to reimagine what we can expect from the future of progressive personal performance.

38 MiM
  • Daniela Upmark

    Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Anne Line Gjersem

    Entrepreneur and World Champion medalist Malmö
  • Emma af Robson

    Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Ulrika Fohgelberg Norden

    Partner Stockholm
  • Cecilie Ystenes Myhre

    Entrepreneur, author and mental trainer Oslo
  • Sofia Wallenstam

    Fashion entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Brede Paolsen

    Sports commentator Oslo
  • Lina Aurell och Mia Clase

    Founder and author Stockholm
  • Adeline Sterner

    Founder Stockholm
  • Lili Assefa

    Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Pingis Hadenius

    Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Gabriella Elio

    CEO and Founder Stockholm
  • Adele Treschow

    Founder Stockholm
  • Aleksandra Avli

    Cofounder, Founder and Head Soulmate of your professional future Stockholm
  • Elin Mohlander

    Founder and CEO Stockholm
  • Ludwig Jonson

    Writer and outdoor fantast Stockholm
  • Therese Sjöberg

    Innovation leader Stockholm
  • Caroline Fleming

    Author and TV profile London
  • Ebba Bucht Lugani

    chairwoman and consultant Stockholm
  • Stina Lönnkvist

    Yoga teacher & Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Josefin Vargö

    Co-Founder and Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Albert Hobohm

    Entrepreneur and Philosopher Stockholm
  • Andrea Norden

    Graphic designer Stockholm
  • Måns Gårdfeldt

    Founder and Entrepreneur London
  • Amy Rudbäck

    Yoga teacher and creative consultant Stockholm
  • Stephanie Bergström

    Fashion entrepreneur & founder Stockholm
  • Carolina von Rosen

    Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Olivia Rothschild

    ENTREPRENEUR Stockholm
  • Caroline Roth

    Founder and Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Sassa Asli

    Yoga teacher, PT and digital entrepreneur Bali
  • Caroline Levy

    Partner and Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Asa Steinars

    Photographer Reykjavik
  • Arijana Heinrici

    Entrepreneur Stockholm
  • Maria Barfod

    DJ & Sounddesigner Copenhagen
  • Sophie Stanbury

    Interior designer London
  • Erik Lehmann

    Founder and Entrepreneur London
  • Emely Crona Stenberg

    Founder Stockholm
  • Caroline Lidman

    Founder & CEO Stockholm