Antonia Rothschild

Yoga Stockholm

Antonia teach a variety of different Yoga Styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Yin. She mainly, like to focus on the essentials of each limb of the Yogic Philosophy, always keeping in heart and mind that Yoga is a self-imposed practice for the benefit of the practitioner. Antonia sees herself as a facilitator to help you find the Yoga within yourself.

What drives you? 

Love and service. Through every twist and turn in life I trust that I'm guided towards the highest and most beautiful version of myself, so that I can surrender and be of greater service to others. And that to me is love. Love is what motivates me to move, explore and expand. Love reminds me of who I am and supports me in expressing that person authentically every step of the way. It is that deep knowing that everything is always okay that keeps me going even when parts of me are full of doubt and I sometimes feel like I’m falling. As soon as I connect back to love and service, I remember who I am and what I came here for. It helps me realise that there are no mistakes and that my life is unfolding in ways in magical ways always, in service of the greater good. And that’s what drives me. 

What’s next in training? 

Intention. Yes. Intention is a powerful tool in anything that we undertake. Without clear and pure intent, we loose ourselves in the little things. For myself, I have found it is hard to keep up something that doesn’t feel profoundly meaningful to me. Intention amplifies training so that it becomes a means to a greater end rather than being a superficial and tiresome chore with no higher purpose. I believe training to be a highly valuable thing when we remember what we train for. And I don’t mean to always be chasing a distant goal, but to be immersed in the purpose of it each and every moment. With intention comes direction and with direction follows instant success. The means becomes the end and we remember in our hearts why we’re doing what we’re doing. 

I shall add that the next thing in training, and what's already happening, is a collective coming together and knowing what we’re training for- to evolve and explore our infinite potential, to become greater and more loving compassionate beings, to be healthy and to make wiser choices for ourselves and other living beings… Whatever the intention may be- if it serves the greater good, it’s the next thing in training! 

What makes you happy?

Everything. And I mean that. But also sometimes everything can seem to make me sad. My life is a dance of emotions and I’m here to feel it all. I embrace happiness as much as any other emotion, at least I am learning to. Unlearning all the ways in which I’ve been taught to surpress my laughter and my joy, my tears and my grief, and in that freedom of feeling all things- I am happy. Yes, being alive makes me happy. Feeling my emotions makes me happy. Feeling free to explore myself and my infinite potential makes me happy. And if the question was more so what I love to do… well, here is what I love to do: I love to dance! I love to create new things, whether in painting, singing, dancing, writing or experiencing in general. I love travelling and meeting new amazing inspiring humans. I love to dive deep into the complex workings of the mind and find simplicity. I love being able to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with the world. I love hugging and I love eating good food. I love going on adventures and I love relaxing in bed and watching Netflix sometimes. I love to get on my mat and find clarity in a downward facing dog. I love challenges and I love when things are easy. I love trees and animals and nature in general. I love going for a run and remembering I am capable of so much more than I think. I love sitting in cafés and talking about life with friends as well as strangers and find synchronicity around every corner. I love to connect, to laugh and to show emotion and play together. I love allowing the hard things in life become effortless by loving them even more. Yeah, the list goes on… I told you. Everything makes me happy. 

How do you create balance in your life? 

By surrendering. The more I surrender to the way things are, the more I find peace in it. Sometimes I try to force it, but very soon I am reminded that the balance IS always there and all I have to do is to trust and lean into it. And when I do, well… There it is! So how do I surrender? How do find it in me to accept everything that is and find some kind of peace in the chaos of life? I meditate. I connect to nature. I observe myself and I detach from trying to achieve anything outside of this present moment. I remember what drives me: love, and I go back to that place within myself which always vibrates with love. I send loving vibrations into every cell of my body and soon enough I'm relaxed, eating a good meal, taking a nice hot shower to cleanse myself or speaking to a loved one about how I feel. Whatever it is, I look for it in the now. I take a couple deep breaths and I center myself. I let myself simply be until the doing happens all by itself. When I am really stuck in a rut I break patterns and try new things. But mostly, I slow everything down, and that way I start moving forward from a deeper and more aware place within myself. From here, growth and inspiration takes place again, and deeply embedded in this dance- balance is.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

I like to think I don’t really need anything at all. Life has come to teach me that most things- I can absolutely live without. With that being said, there are many things that do enhance my life. I really do love my yoga mat, whether it’s for meditating at home or rolling it out in an airport corner to do sun salutations whilst waiting for the next flight, it enables so much beauty in my life. I probably could live without it but it does help me grow and move in ways that my body so often craves. 

What are your goals for the future? 

I have many goals, dreams if you will. Dreams that are in the making and that all lead towards one bigger goal. And that goal is to manifest the new earth. What is this new earth? It is a utopian vision of a co-creative existence where all beings are sovereign, happy and free. My goal is to live organically and from the heart, every step of the way. To me, a lot of it has already come true. Some might call me a dreamer, but I’m as much a doer as well and that’s why I can afford having faith in this dream. I break it down into milestones that all aim at this ultimate goal. And here I am, immersed in my own beautiful life, giving thanks every single day. 

Who inspires you and why? 

I always find that each and every person I meet inspires me in one way or another. Whether they are completely different from me or very alike, the human being is a source of infinite inspiration to me. To get a little more specific, my family inspires me deeply. The Yoga teachers that brought me onto this path and keep supporting my growth. My best friend Kim and all of my other beautiful friends. Rosi who’s just magic and my little nephew Hunter… the list is extremely long, so maybe I’ll leave it at that.

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