Fabrizio Gravina

PT Barcelona

I'm Fabrizio Gravina, graduated in Sport Science at the University of Milan. For 20 years I have been working in the world of physical activity, functional assessment and personalized training. I am in charge for the pre-rehabilitate at Ergodinamica Clinica, Barcelona sports medicine centre. I am the founder of Brisport "Health & Performance" specializing in sport performance, personal training and health services.

What drives you? 

The passion for my work, I love what I do and it's probably the only thing I can do decently. I have always practiced sport and it is an absolute pleasure to accompany people on a daily basis to improve their state of shape or recover from injury.

What’s next in training? 

Surely there is a great space for training related to metabolic, articular and nervous system disorders. Fortunately, in the last 10 years science is helping us to demonstrate the positive effects of physical activity as an element of prevention for many diseases, this is generating in the population a strong interest in doing physical activity as prevention.

What makes you happy?

From a professional point of view I have to say that the thing that makes me happy and proud is seeing a person's eyes when he is able to achieve what he has worked hard for.

How do you create balance in your life? 

I love my job even though I recognize that sometimes it is very absorbent. You're so

immersed in the fact of having to improve the sports performance of others or having to recover from an injury that you forget a bit 'of themselves. For this reason, in these years I have understood that it is essential to maintain good and ancient habits. It is essential to go to the theater once a month, play the guitar, go to dinner with friends once a week, play sports and spend as much time as possible with my little and my wife.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

I would never want to lose the desire to learn new things and try to improve myself

What are your goals for the future? 

Professionally as a child I dreamed of the Olympics, after having participated as a trainer manager in the Olympic Village during the Rio2016 Olympics, now I wanted to repeat the experience for Tokyo 2020.

Who inspires you and why?

There are a lot of people who inspire me every day. I learned a lot from every athlete I trained, through their eyes, their emotions, their dreams and their fears, I understood the beauty and the essence of many sports. I am inspired by all those people able to create a suitable working environment to achieve great goals, not just sports. I am very inspired by young people when I see them able to create fun activities from nothing.

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