Taylor Norris

PT Los Angeles

My name is Taylor Norris and I am the co-founder of LIT Method fitness studios based in Los Angeles, California. My partner/ husband and I started our journey together as personal trainers that focused on Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. We than sought out to create a sustainable method that our clients could do for a lifetime in a group setting, thus LIT Method was born. LIT Method stands for Low Impact Training, with no running, no jumping and no weights.

What drives you? 

Knowing that I am able to change our client’s lives with our classes, aid their injuries and see our clients happy with themselves inside and out. That is what motivates me.

What's next in training? 

I truly believe that LIT Method is on the brink of changing the way people approach fitness. Everyone has been so focused on such high impact exercises (i.e crossfit etc) breaking their bodies down, and getting injured from this. Now with Low Impact Training you can still get that High Intensity workout that saves your bones, joints, and muscles!

What makes you happy?

Cooking is my passion, this is something I do when I’m stressed or after a long day. 

How do you create balance in your life?

Balance is a tricky one.  Since I am married to my business partner it is sometimes hard to leave work at work.  But we absolutely love what we do and we are so passionate about it that it hardly feels like work! We love traveling so whenever we have any spare time we try to getaway to recharge.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?


What are your goals for the future?

My goal for the future with LIT Method is to become a household name, to change the way people approach fitness with Low Impact Training. We want to change as many lives as we possibly can!

Who inspires you and why?

My biggest inspiration is not necessarily one unique person, it’s the young entrepreneurs out there are hustling and creating a future for themselves. I live off of creativity and it is so inspiring seeing young individuals following their passion and just going for it!

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