Corporate Responsibility

Casall’s core values are the very foundations of our brand; innovative solutions, honesty and high ethical standards in every step. Our goal is to always deliver high quality. IT MATTERS.

We carefully select suppliers who all share our values and are dedicated to producing high quality products with respect for humanity and the environment.



At Casall we constantly work to ensure we comply with all applicable environmental regulations and requirements. Our products contain no hazardous chemical substances and are not dangerous for the environment or humans.


Casall Care

By always caring for your products you can extend their average lifetime. We offer you some ideas on how to take extra good care of your Casall products.



We Constantly challenge ourselves to make Conscious choices - we strive for excellence by following guidelines set with the same philosophy as us.


Code of Conduct

If you want to know more about how we work.

"Sustainability and honesty are natural parts of who we are and what we do"

Carl-Axel Surtevall, founder of Casall
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