The Right Support. IT MATTERS.

Swedish sports fashion brand Casall launch their latest in a long line popular Sports Bras, as a part of their campaign IT MATTERS. 

Casall has more than 30 years’ experience of developing training products. Their campaign and long term concept ‘IT MATTERS’ highlights the importance of an active, well-balanced lifestyle and the effect your everyday choices have on your wellbeing, your goals and your performance – in training and elsewhere in life. Choosing the right Sports Bra is one of these choices and with exactly the right support and comfort can boost your self-confidence and performance. An area in which Casall has excelled in consumer tests for many years.
“IT MATTERS is based on our long-term commitment and history of doing only the things that really matter. It is everything from always providing our customers with high quality functional training gear they can truly trust to creating new exciting styles each season”, says Carl-Axel Surtevall, founder of Casall. 

An extensive range welcomes a future favorite 
Today the Casall Sports Bra-collection has developed into a wide selection, suitable for all kinds of training, from low and medium impact to high intensity. Always characterized by a high level of quality, functionality, design and aesthetics. Acclaimed Casall Iconic Sports Bra for example, is one of Scandinavia’s bestselling Sports Bras ever and has been in the company’s assortment for nearly 20 years. And now they have adding even more to the range.

This season’s newcomer, aptly named Confidence, has everything you could ask from a future training favorite – a front zipper for the ultimate locker room efficiency, optimal comfort and extremely good absorption capabilities. Confidence is a ‘soft-bra’ without wires. The cups are made from an airy performance foam with excellent breathability, which will help you stay cool and dry during your workout. They also provide extra support as well as a beautiful shape. It’s the ideal sports bra for all types of moderate intensity training or high intensity for smaller cup sizes. 

Sanna Magnusson, Production Manager at Casall ends on a quite confident note: 

“Imagine the best Sports Bra you ever tried, add a zipper and the feeling of exactly the right support. That´s Confidence. It’s a state of the art Sports Bra.”