WEAR that matters.

The new Casall longterm communication concept It Matters saw the light in the autumn of 2016. A concept based on Casall’s longtime commitment and history of doing only the things that matter. The company’s latest product innovation definitely qualifies for that category. This coming spring Casall will launch sustainable training wear in biopolyamide.

Casall is now raising the level of commitment to environmental friendly materials by using the highly
innovative biopolyamide fabric in its spring collection. Biopolyamide is based on castor oil made from the castor oil plant. The oil is harmless, even applicable to the skin, but also strong enough to form the raw material of the advanced fabric biopolyamide. The production process of it has some
environmentally superior characteristics. The process uses less water, lower temperatures and
generates less CO2 than similar materials. It even uses 20 % less dyestuff when dying the fabric.
Also, on the user end, there are benefits that matter in training. The fabric has a comfortable texture, dries faster than common polyamide and doesn´t bind bacteria, making it more naturally odour free.
But the perhaps most interesting advantage is the fact that the castor oil plant is not part of any food chain, so the use of the plant does not disturb the natural cycle. Respecting the origin of the raw material and the natural cycle is a new level of eco-friendliness – beyond looking only at the production process.

“We believe it is important to discuss sustainability, but we believe it is even more important trying to implement it - That is real change. That is doing things that matter” and continues, “Biopolyamide is exciting, it has all the characteristics we have been looking for in the next generation of fabrics here at Casall. I think we’ll see a lot of it, not only here, but also at our competitors. I’m proud we are already about to introduce training wear made of it. It matters.”
Carl-Axel Surtevall, founder of Casall

The first garments made of biopolyamide are in store in the spring of 2017.