HEART BODY AND SOUL - THE HOLISTIC CONCEPT. A holistic view on training is key to a life in balance. Casall’s AW17 Concept ´Life in Balance´ highlights the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness; reflecting their vision of offering a complete training and lifestyle concept for the modern consumer. Based on the three elements Heart (cardio), Body (strength) and Soul (yoga), Casall hopes to explore and inspire what personal balance really means to you.

Casall has over 30 years’ experience of developing professional-grade training products.
Their philosophy of integrating designer sportswear and tools to create a complete training experience has always been their core foundation. Trusted for their quality, Casall innovates to develop their range by offering the most sustainable fabrics, multi-functional design and performance comfort. This quest for perfection has seen their products score consistently high in consumer tests every year.

This seasons collection showcases Casall’s signature mix of sophisticated harmony between fabric quality, form and function; inspiring training experiences as a naturally integrated part of a life well lived. The AW17 collection is designed from a holistic perspective where all the different categories (heart, body & soul) can be combined and customers can easily tailor their workout to meet their individual needs.

“A holistic approach to training inspire and delights us. Casall isn’t just a training brand; it’s key to your daily pursuit of performance in fitness and in life. Helping you get the most out of your workout and building a healthy foundation for Life in Balance: Heart, Body and Soul”
, says Andrew O’Sullivan, Head of Marketing at Casall.

A soft color scheme with red contrasts

The AW17 collection is sophisticated with carefully considered details, focusing on creating training harmony through conscious fabrics, form and functional design. The overall color scheme is a combination of burgundy, black, crispy white and more subtle pastel like pink. Red is this seasons statement color, which is balanced nicely with a soft dovetail blue. Strong silhouettes, graphic patterns and smart details creates an interesting, sporty look that is easy to mix and style across the different categories. The men’s collection features a more classic color palette with touches of black, grey and dark green. A multi-functional and progressive collection that easily can be combined through layering and color.

“Our collection covers Heart, Body and Soul with endless possibilities to style between them all. Just as we want to mix and match between different training to reach a life in balance”
, explains Marie Fredros, Head of Design at Casall.


Conscious Choice

Conscious choice is a concept based on Casall’s long-time commitment and history of doing only the things that matter. It is everything from always providing customers with high quality functional training gear they can truly trust to creating new exciting styles each season. Using the highly innovative biopolyamide fabric qualifies for that category. The first biopolyamid garments was introduced in Spring 2017. This Fall the pieces are more feminine with smart and well-placed details. An edgy look that can easily be matched with your everyday wardrobe.


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Campaign launch: 2017-08-25
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Designer Sportswear from Sweden since 1984.

As the founders of Sweden’s first women’s gym in 1984, our heritage is in personal, cross-functional, training. We believe in creating harmony between the Heart, Body and Soul. And we’ve been partnering with athletes and personal trainers ever since to create some of the best holistic training Tools and Sportswear on the market.