"Sustainability and honesty are natural parts of who we are and what we do"

Carl-Axel Surtevall, founder of Casall

Casall’s core values are the very foundations of our brand; innovative solutions, honesty and high ethical standards in every step. Our goal is to always deliver high quality. IT MATTERS. We carefully select suppliers who all share our values and are dedicated to producing high quality products with respect for humanity and the environment.

Conscious Choice

Every choice you make affects how you feel and where you are going in life. You create your own path and we believe we share the same journey. We are always conscious about the choices we make, from the materials we use to how and where our products are made. It does not mean they are 100 % perfect, there is always room for improvement. Conscious Choice is our way of continuously pushing Casall’s products to the next level.

The Environmental Coordinator at Casall works daily to improve our production process. This involves educating and supporting our suppliers, helping them to understand European standards, regulations and how we all benefit from products produced with respect for humans and the environment.

The position is a vital part of Casall, making sure the company walk the talk.


Where it's made

We are proud to say that approximately 90% of the WEAR collection always has and still is produced in Europe. Approximately 10% is produced in Asia. Since the production mainly takes place in Europe our products are a beneficial choice considering for example the environment, transportation, production methods, and working conditions. We visit WEAR factories and suppliers frequently to ensure the production is aligned with Casall’s requirements and values.


How it's made

Ever since we started more than 30 years ago, we have worked with some of the best fabric and garment suppliers in Europe and require all of our suppliers to sign our Chemical Contract in order to comply with REACH and other regulations. They have been carefully selected for their high quality standards regarding renewable energy, closed water systems, taking care of their wastewater and actively trying to minimize their negative environmental footprint. However, it is always possible to improve the production. Together with our suppliers we constantly work to develop and improve our products and ourselves, it is an important and ongoing process.


What it's made of

Casall WEAR has its core in creating sportswear with the right function based on our deep knowledge of textiles. We obsess about it, to be in the forefront and part of the future development of the latest technology as the specialized training company we are.

We carefully select the fibers used based on function and performance. One example is that we have made the choice to use polyamide instead of polyester as much as possible. It is softer and more gentle to the skin and made from smooth fibers, making it difficult for bacteria to evolve. This, in its turn, allows us to completely skip anti-bacterial treatments, that can be harmful to human health and the environment.

In parts of our collection we use Recycled Polyamide, made of ECONYL® fibers produced from ghost fishing nets, which at the end of their life cycle, instead of being discarded or abandoned under water are recovered – together with other nylon waste – and regenerated. The use of Recycled Polyamide is something we strive to extend in the near future.

Another example of Casall´s strive for innovation and long-term mindset is the new material Bio Polyamide. It is a polyamide which is made of oil from the castor plant rather than ordinary oil. Firstly, the castor plant is grown on barren landscape and does not need a lot of water to grow. So it does not compete with other good agriculture land or it´s water for growing food. In addition, there is less use of colorants, water and heat when the garment is dyed, compared to standard polyamide.

The majority of our suppliers are OEKO-TEX®certified.



Where it's made

Casall have a unique relationship with a family business in Taiwan. We have collaborated for over 30 years, developing the sustainable aspects of the production together ever since. The family business outsources the production to companies they have close contact with in Taiwan and China.

This unique relationship makes it possible for us to focus on developing the production and making more conscious choices.


How it's made

A common vision of sustainability is a vital element in our supplier relationships. Our suppliers sign and work according to the Casall Chemical contract and have to specify every material used for each product produced, provide test reports and other relevant documentation. Additionally, we work daily to educate and support all our suppliers to help them understand the Casall chemical process. Important keys to produce non-harmful products are close cooperation and honesty.


What it's made of

We always make sure that our products are produced in the best way possible, with respect for humans and the environment. As mentioned above, all the materials are specified by our suppliers, which enables us to always know what our products are made of. Casall produce PVC free products whenever possible. All of our products are BPA-free and contain non harmful phthalates.