As the founders of Sweden’s first women’s gym in 1984, our heritage is in personal, cross-functional, holistic training. We believe in creating harmony between the Heart, Body and Soul. And we’ve been partnering with athletes and personal trainers ever since to create some of the best holistic training Tools and Sportswear on the market.



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From the very beginning our focus on superior product quality and a “Forever Better” attitude has always been our passion and driving force. Casall are about being at the forefront when producing premium-quality, long-lasting training products that are durable and can be used over and over again.



Casall starts donating old office furniture and products to the Söderköping's Återvinning foundation.  All profit from the foundation goes to charitable causes.



Since 2002 and on we have used organic material TENCEL™ in capsules of the Casall WEAR collection.



Started out our Sustainable/CSR journey with commitment to conduct our business in best possible way according to the Brundtland Commission model.



Became members of Kemikaliegruppen. The purpose of the group is to keep members updated in legal requirements and other information relating to the chemical field in an easily understandable way.



Employed our Environmental coordinator with master and candidate diploma in Environmental science. Her mission is “Forever Better” and working closely with our suppliers to educate, support and coach while improving the process and keeping our suppliers updated on Chemical laws and regulations.



First Casall WEAR collection launched under criteria *Conscious Choice including items made from post-consumer recycled waste material, like fishing nets and fabric scraps from landfills and oceans around the world. That waste is collected, sorted and cleaned before being regenerated into textile yarn.



Full assortment Casall TOOL with material specifications and tested by independent testing institute SGS  according to EUs regulations and laws.



First Casall WEAR collection *Conscious Choice clearly marked on hang tags and launched on



Casall WEAR full yoga line made of sustainable materials according to *Conscious Choice criteria.



Launched water bottles made of Bioplastics based on sugarcane. By using the sugarcane, we present a more environmentally-friendly alternative – bioplastics – that lowers greenhouse gas emission.



Launched new TOOL package line made of renewable and recycled material in all packaging. By this change we save a minimum of 23 tonne of plastic per year from 2019.



AW20 WEAR Launch Conscious Capsule made from waste fabrics and materials that would otherwise have been discarded.

SS20 TOOL Launch Casall Bamboo Range made from a wild range of renewable bio-based feedstock including bamboo, rice husks, straw, wood and agricultural waste.