A holistic training retreat designed for performance in health and life.

Most people lead incredibly busy lives, and finding a sense of balance can be elusive. We decided to challenge that and together with some of Swedens most effective trainers, Frida Lindström and Charlotte Holmquist, create a playbook for performance in health and life. For five days, the first week of September, we took twenty participants to Cal Reiet, an exquisite country hideaway in Mallorca, to experience the Casall Breathe retreat. 

“Great energy and positive spirit in the group. The place was amazing from A to Z, food was delicious, and rooms were perfect.”



We wanted to create a unique experience built on a total wellness concept; Heart, Body and Soul. Combining a holistic approach to training with lifestyle experiences around food, social connection, movement, meditation and self-development. The Casall Breathe program focus on yoga and meditation combined with cardio, strength and conditioning. During our retreat we offered three group training sessions daily, but also dedicated downtime for relaxation, networking, spa treatments and self care.



Each morning we woke our bodies up with a dynamic yoga session in the beautiful Yogashala, followed by a nutricious vegetarian breakfast buffé set amidst the retreat’s lush garden. Around lunch it was time to raise the heart rate with sweaty intervalls, running techniques, a joint run to the beautiful beaches or Soma move where you flow through strong movments using your whole body. While the sun was going down we stretched our bodies and minds into a 90 minutes yinyoga and during the night we all gathered around a delicious vegertarian buffé made of locally and organically sourced ingredients, partly sourced from their own garden, all served up by the heartful and attentive staff in the cosy lit-up garden.

We had five beautiful days together with our participants and our trainers Frida and Charlotte. We strongly belive that a fusion of mindful movement, rest and recovery in an unbeatable environment fuels the body and charges the mind with positive energy. The next Casall Breathe trip will be in June 2020.



Set in idyllic grounds in Mallorca Cal Reiet is where wellness-oriented travellers can find rejuvenation and inspiration. The retreat is an oasis with a beautiful  lush garrden and a swimingpool, featuring 15 beautifully designed rooms and suites. Cal Reiet is only five minutes walk from the picturesque village  of Santanyi with plenty of little cafes and boutique shops in the narrow streets, and only 5 min drive from beautiful and dramatic beaches.

Food is an intrinsic part of Cal Reiet's overall health and wellbeing. They use fresh, locally-sourced and organic ingredients, partly collected from their kitchen garden. Cal Reiet’s cuisine is healthy, exciting and vibrant ─ full of natural Mediterranean flavours. The celebration of connection around the table is our greatest joy. We believe that we are fed in many ways, from the food choices we make to the relationships we cherish.