"Forever Better has been the Casall mantra for many years now. While visiting our production partners around Europe I started to notice how much incredible fabrics and materials there were laying around with no real plan how to use it – it was basically waste for them. That ignited an idea in me and together we collaborated with our partners to create a unique capsule collection only using spare material. The collection covers many needs – from meditation to high intensity workouts."

Marie Fredros, Designer


Casall has always been an activewear brand with a strong focus on Sustainability. From our progressive ‘harmonic’ approach to fitness and well-being designed around the evolving needs of the human body. To our quest to create products with some of the longest lifespans in the industry, generating less waste and combating throwaway culture. For us it’s all about awareness and transparency. And focusing on the long term. When we talk about conscious choices we don’t just mean our growing collection of recycled, biodegradable or all-natural products. We also mean the small, daily decisions that make a difference to our self-preservation. We are talking about longevity. And the pursuit of Total Wellness; Heart, Body and Soul.

This capsule is made from waste fabrics and materials that would otherwise have been discarded. We collected leftovers from our suppliers and recycled it into a pure, sophisticated ‘studio-inspired’ collection where layering and subtle details combine with high-tech features. By shouldering this conscious challenge we hope to raise awareness and inspire others to take positive action.  Head Designer Marie Fredros gives us the background story about the capsule.

Where did the idea to make products from waste come from?

I had the idea while visiting our production partners around Europe. Time and time again I noticed spare fabrics and materials laying around with no real plan how to use them at all. One's waste can be another one's treasure - and it has been incredible to search through aisles to find amazing fabrics that inspired me to create these styles.

What was the process like. Was it difficult to produce? 

Me and our production team travelled to our suppliers and they have all let us go through their spare stock. We have searched, tested and explored fabrics to find the best treasures for us. The fact that we have been able to do this is due to our long and close relationships with our suppliers. It has really been a team effort from both casall and our suppliers to be able to make this happen.

What is the inspiration behind the design? How do you imagine the product being used? 

The idea was to create a versatile collection with styles that can be used for many different activities. Training being the obvious one of course but the styles should also be easy to mix into your everyday wardrobe. There are incredible outfits that can be used for meditation, yoga or high intensity training but they can also be styled with a pair of jeans, the knitted sweater or under your suit jacket. They can also be considered  as luxuary homewear. True to all styles is comfort - they are all super comfortable and gives us the freedom of movement.

How does this product connect to the rest of the AW20 collection?

The design is clean, classic and simple - perfect to mix together with our essential assortment in black and white. The essential collection is also made from conscious fabrics from AW20 - perfect to mix into this conscious capsule.

Where is the production made? What is special about this? 

The fabrics comes from Portugal and the styles are produced together with one of our closests suppliers in Lithuania. The long relationship we have with these two partners have enabled us to create this capsule - to be able to succeed in a project like this you need to have a close relationship and trust.

How will this shape Casall’s approach to the future? 

Our aim is to be 100% conscious by 2025 and we continously work to ensure that we reach that goal. To be able to succeed we need to continously work closely together with our suppliers to ensure this will happen. For us in casall production team this comes naturally - it is a challenge of course but also really inspiring.