Gina Tse is a principal dancer with the Royal Swedish Ballet. At 38, she’s returned from her second maternity leave and is at the top of her game in both body and mind.  

"It’s all about positivity. That’s our biggest tool. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."


As a principal dancer for the Royal Swedish Ballet, Gina Tse knows what it takes to get to the top. As a mother, she understands the importance of finding balance.

Gina’s second child was born in September. “There’s never a guarantee that your body will get back to how it was. This was my second child, it’s nine years after my first, and I realized right away, this is going to take longer.” She gave herself two and a half months to get back to normal, and then started some pilates work. From four months, she started coming in to stretch her toes, starting at the bar, and working on her core. By the summer she was dancing full time again.

“Your career as a ballerina is so short… I retire at 42, and I’m 38 right now. With my first child, I was in my prime, and not yet a principle dancer, so I had to come back much faster. This time around it was a different feeling. I missed the stage and missed performing, but I could relax and enjoy the time with my children.”

- Gina Tse

For Gina, coming back to the ballet is like a meditation, physically and mentally. At 38, she feels stronger than ever. “Because as a mother you don’t stop, you have to stay strong.” Ballet dancers are athletes, but they are also artists. “We show a lot of emotion on stage, otherwise it’s boring to watch. That’s why with being a ballerina you need to have body, heart, and soul all in tune. You have to be vulnerable, so the older you are, you become another artist because you have more life experience.”

Over the years, Gina has learned to focus on what’s really important. “The more in tune with the now, more in your own head, that makes you a better dancer. And at the end of the day I know I’m going home to my children, so I’ve learned to prioritise and focus on what really matters.”

What are your best training tips?

I like to make sure muscles are in a relaxed state and as soft as possible. This is what I find really helps me because then the tension doesn’t build. The more you can get the blood supply running, the more fluid you feel from the beginning of class.

What are your favourite Casall Tools?

The pressure point ball. I roll it everywhere, every morning. I roll it on my feet, my butt, even on my lower back since having the baby. Also the foam roller, I roll that everywhere, especially on the sides of my thighs. Those are my essential pieces of equipment.

What do you like to wear?

I live in Casall training clothes. The Essential Tights are great with the tutu over top because I can still see my legs. The Essential Jacket is perfect to stay warm in the beginning of class, and the Harmony Pants for wearing between classes.

What does Forever Better mean to you?

It’s all about positivity. That’s our biggest tool. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

What does life in balance mean to you?

Heart, body, and mind are all connected. You can’t have one without the other, especially in the ballet world. Knowing that I’m going home to my children at the end of the day has allowed me perspective on what really matters. This allows me to let go of some things and focus on what’s really important.

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