From a young football aspirant to a famous Victoria’s Secret Angel, a high fashion model and now a mum – Caroline Winberg has done it all. The way she juggles single mum life with work, and manage to be present and have a positive attitude in all she does made her the obvious choice for us when shooting our AW19 Warrior campaign. Caroline grew up outside of Stockholm and always dreamed of being a pro-football player. It was on her way to football practice as a teenager she was approached by a model scout who suggested that she pursue modeling as a career. In June 2015 she became a mother to her son Casper, who is always her first priority. She fills any spare time with SoulCycle, pilates, yoga and megaformer classes, and loves to travel. 


Is training important for you? Why?

Training has always been an important part of my life. I was in a sports class in school and played soccer every day, I was actually approached to be a model on the tube on my way to soccer practice. I think it is important to stay active both fysically and mentally.

How do you create balance in your life?

I always put my son first, then work and myself always comes last. But if I have a day off I always try to do some kind of exercise or some activity that makes me feel good.

You are travelling alot, how do you keep up your training routines?

I use a training app (mindbody) that helps you to find classes wherever you are in the world. I also try to explore locally, taking a hike or a powerwalk, it all depends on where I am. I am not so good at working out by myself in my hotel room though - I prefer to take classes.

What training do you prefer - yoga, HIIT, strength?

I train at BeCore, yoga and Barre when I am in Stockholm. In London and NYC it tends to be alot of pilates.

Favourite place to train in Stockholm? Why?

I love BeCore. It is my kind of workout, they have great music and inspiring instructors.

Favourite place to train in the world? Why?

I love to hike, so as long as there is a mountain close by I am happy!

How important is your training clothes when you exercise?

They should be comfortable and good looking. The tights should not be too thick and it is important that you have a great Sports bra with a good fit.

Any styling tips if you want to mix in your training clothes to your everyday wardrobe?

I often use my training clothes in my everyday life. Match a cool hoodie or jacket to your training tights and you are good to go! And to be honest I almost always use sneakers.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back 10 years in time?

That broken hearts always mends with time. I had alot of fun 10 years ago, and I am grateful to have had that time, today I spend most of my night home reading children books for my boy. 

What is your morning / evening routine?

I am a morning person and prefers to do everything important before lunch. Breakfast - day care - training, at least when I am in Stockholm. Abroad it tends to be mostly work. I enjoy having an early dinner and chilling out at home in the evenings.

Best beauty tip?

Laugh ALOT and have fun!

What makes your happy? What is your "happy place"?

When I am surrounded by kids and friends, great food and drinks at some sunny place.

How does your future plans look like?

I work as a model now and really enjoy that. What the future entails I haven't figured out yet, but I will think about it and come up with something great!