"I believe that it is not only what cream we use that affects our skin. To feel happy, to have a healthy diet, to laugh, to spend time with friends and family, to workout and enjoy yourself - it is all ingredients that I unfortunately cannot sell in a jar but that is equally important for your complexion and skin."  

Emma Sjöberg Wiklund


Emma Wiklund (Emma Sjöberg) is a former top model, TV host and actress, today she is the CEO and founder of her own skin care brand Emma S skincare.

She worked sucessfully as an international top model for 12 years, with numerous covers for some of the worl'ds most influential fashion magazines. She did fashion shows and campaigns for brands such as Versace, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Lanvin was part of her everyday. In the year of 2000 she decided to leave her model career behind her to move back to Sweden. As a model taking care of your skin is extremly important and when Emma lived in Paris in the beginning of the 90's she got help from a dermatologist to find the right products for her. She found many great skincare products but the all felt quite dull, there and then the idea of Emma S skincare was born.

- I wanted nicer and more personal packaging, with the same effective substance. Good quality and suitable skincare products is important but I also think that there are many more things that affects how our skin look and feel. To be happy, to have the right nutrients, to laugh and to spend time with friends and family are equally important for a good complexion and skin.​

Training has always been a natural part of Emma's life. When she was younger she danced and has continued to workout a lot through her entire life.

- My best anti-aging tip is high intensity training. It increases cell regeneration.

Every Sunday, Emma sits down to plan for at least four training sessions during the upcoming week. These sessions are equally important as any other appointment.

- Training makes me feel great and gives me that extra energy that I need to balance work, family and friends. I try to mix yoga with running, crosstraining, meditation and not to be forgotten weights - I love to feel strong!


Emma's best travel tips

  • Try to find a good hotell with a gym.
  • Set time aside for training while traveling and you will have lots of energy left for other activities.
  • Bring travel tools on your trip, you can have a great training session with just a few tools. I always bring a toolkit to our summer house.
  • Download a meditation app. This is great for focus and getting energy.

Where should you train in Stockholm?

  • Barry`s Bootcamp ( , Jakobsbergsgatan 21.
  • Becore (, Tulegatan 33 and Jakobsbergsgatan 34
  • Sats Odenplan (, Odengatan 65. 

Where should you eat?

  • Holy Cow (, indisk mat, Gästrikegatan 3. The best indian cuisine in town.
  • Itamae sushi (, Odengatan 62. We are here often.
  • Riche (, BirgerJarlsgatan 4. 

Your favourite places in Stockholm?

  • Stockholm's archipelago, specifically Ingarö where we have our summerhouse.
  • Fotografiska ( They always have some special and interesting exhibition.
  • Fjärilshuset ( It is like entering a real life fairytale.