Passion promotes curiosity. Casall teamed up with Surfakademin this September to co-host the perfect adventure in Biarritz combining surf, yoga and meditation. Starting the days with morning yoga and meditation wearing our soft body-hugging Seamless sets made from eco-friendly recycled fibers, then continuing the day catching waves. Read the full interview with Peter Sahlberg, founder of Surfakademin, to learn more about how it all started.

Meet Peter Sahlberg

In the middle of the 90's Jens Holmer and Peter Sahlberg decided to leave Sweden to live and work with their passion full time - the idea of Surf Academy was born at legendary North Shore Beach at Hawaii.


Peter has just returned back from from California, most of spring and summer has been spent in Galicia and Biarritz, with a few stops on swedish land inbetween. In a few weeks he is leaving again, this time for Costa Rica where he will spend the entire winter season. Many would call this a dream life, but Peter would call it a lifestyle project where everything happens in a continous flow.

The idea behind Surf Academy was born at the legendary North Shore on Hawaii in the middle of the 90's, this is where the two founders; Peter and Jens met for the first time and where a lifetime-long passion for surfing was born. When Peter returned to Stockholm after his studies he immediately started a career within PR. He was sucessful for example worked as press manager at MTG, but he longed for the ocean and surfing those waves. A six week long surfholiday wasn't enough anymore, and to work hard to save up for a time-set dream was not really a good alternative either - he wanted to avoid the everyday 9-5 life.

"I wanted something longterm, where every day would be wonderful and exciting, it shouldn't matter if it is a Monday or a Saturday, I wanted to find a everyday life that I direct myself - that I choose."


The idea behind Surf Academy was created and in the summer of 2006, Peter and Jens decided to give it a go. They bought 20 boards and two buses, not sure if the dream would last for a summer, a year or a lifetime. This start was timed very well with the boom of social media. With Peter's background in PR, the duo started a PR-race and got alot of attention. The developed a concept which they have lived by ever since; 'best friends that discovered their passion for surfing at Hawaii and have lived by it ever since'. The concept was sucessful and Sahlberg can now live and work with his passion.

"As the philosopher Alan Watts once said; if money wasn't an issue, what would you be spending your time on, today, tomorrow and next week? That way of looking at life has been a leading voice in all my choices."

It all sounds great, right?! But what have you sacrified to be able to follow your dreams? "Sure enough, it has demanded sacrifices! You have not been able to live a normal life, and sometimes it definitely have complicated relationships to friends or potential partners".


To trust your intuition is important if you want to follow your passion, says Peter. This has in many aspects helped to build Surf Academy. One of surf academy's strength has been to always go your own way, meaning don't worry about what your competitors are doing. But it is a constant struggle to ignore hypes that goes on in the outside world; "You cannot help to get affected by what others do. You are temped to change something, to lower your prices or to present things in other ways. But here I think it is important to trust your intuition once again, trust and believe in your own choices. if you look too much at others you loose focus". But how do you listen to your own voice, your intuition?

"Shut down your phone, put your books away and turn off the music. We are surrounded by constant stimuli and it is only when I turn everything else off that the best ideas appears."