Alexandra Orsmark works as a yoga instructor at SATS. We asked her to test our yoga mats and accessories.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Born and raised in Höganäs. Today I live with my husband and daughter in Sundbyberg. I am an educated yoga instructor in Hatha, Yin and SUP yoga. I love warm beaches, turqouise ocens and palm trees. In addition to yoga I also run and go to the gym.

Yoga feels like coming home for me. To be able to meet all my different sides with humility and acceptance. To help others to see themselves for what they are without comparing themselves to others is extremely important for me. It really doesn't matter what it looks like when you are in position, what matters is what it feels like in your body and how your breathing can create understanding and an inner balance.

The first yoga class I attended was a meditation class when I was 16 years old and was depressed. It was a complete new world for me that I have continued ever since then, and now I take it one step further as I am starting my journey to become a yoga therapist this autumn.





Yoga mat Natural rubber grip

This is a Casall Professional grade mat. The mat is made of an environmental friendly natural rubber material. Construction in 2-layers with different density and a special technology formula that give the user great grip in both wet and dry conditions.

The mats weight is about 2kg for grounded stability. Size 190 cm x 66 cm x 0,5 cm.


"A clear favourite because of the grip, thickness and colour. My hand stays put which is one of the most important qualities of a mat for me"


Yoga mat Grip&Cushion

Back in stock this autumn.

 A high performance mat with excellent grip, density and firmness. Any water or sweat will gradually absorb into the mat to provide the best possible grip and a slip-free surface. 

Size: 183 x 68 x 0,5 cm, Weight: 3,1 kg. 


"Absolute favourite! I have got so many questions regarding this mat, both when I have been taking classes and from other yoga teachers in my last education. It has the ultimate grip - you will be astonished. The alignment in the mat is also super! So well thought-through!"


Yoga mat Natural cork

This mat is for the high-end user demands. The natural rubber makes it heavy that gives great stability and grip against the floor. Comes with a printed center line.

All Natural materials used. Heavy weight for increased stability performance.  Size: 183.0x61.0x0.5 cm.



"I really love cork as a material choice. The grip isn't fantastic but it gets much better when I sweat and will be perfect for warmer weather. Good thickness so perfect for yin yoga."


Travel mat

A very lightweight yoga mat, perfect for travel, or, bring to the gym to place over the public mats so you always have a fresh mat.

The mat is foldable. Do not store folded. Always store this mat rolled up or flat.  Size: 183.0x61.0x0.4 cm


"I brought it on my holiday and it really doesn't take up any space in my suitcase. Finally this is a mat that I can bring everywhere - I longed for that! It works really well in a warm climate and had much better grip that I could even hope for. It is also perfect to bring to yoga class back home, since it doesn't weight anything. Super comfortable!"


Yoga mat Position

This is a must-have yoga tool which is ideal to use at home, at the gym or when travelling. The mat is well cushioned and has a good traction to help you through the most challenging exercises in the most comfortable way.

Material with excellent grip and shock absorption. Composed of 2 layers of TPE for maximum comfort. PVC free and recyclable material. Size: 183.0x61.0x0.4 cm


"I must say that I was suprised how good the grip was on this on. It is light weight and simple to bring to class. The carry strap that comes with the mat and thin but it works since the mat weighs so little. Perfect starter mat I would say."




Mat carry strap

Adjustable strap for carry your mat in a functional and easy way. Recommended for mats with maximum thickness 7mm. Size: 190.0x3.5 cm

"I love the simple design of this, it works for all mats and the broader strap is nice against your shoulder."


Yoga block natural cork

Find balance and enjoy the natural character and support of the Casall cork yoga block. PVC Free. Size: 15.0x7.0x22.5 cm.

"Cork block is my personal favourite as it gives you more stability but it can also be used for trigger points by using it's edges. The big block gives even more support for the one who needs that. The foam block is perfect to bring to class or on your travels, it also a little softer which makes it nice to sit on while meditating  adn pranayama practice. I encourage everyone to use blocks, it will improve your demeanor and will help you to take your exercises further."

 Yoga wheel cork

Find balance and enjoy the natural character, cushioning and grip of the Casall cork yoga series. A yoga wheel is designed to help stretch and release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors. Size: 32.0x32.0x13.0 cm.

"Our entire family loves these yoga wheels! It is wonderful to be able to open up your chest and back with but also to massage the entire spine. This is a nice alternative to foam rolls since the wheel is bigger which can makes it easier to use. It is also perfect to work on your balance and core stability! It is only your imagination that will set limitations to the possibilities."


Yoga bolster pillow 

Our 100% cotton yoga bolsters offer support for spinal stretches, restorative postures and deep meditative breathing. They are firm enough to provide full support, yet soft enough to rest on.

"A wonderful bolster that i use very often and I whish that more people knew how good it is to use bolsters. The colour is soothing. It could be filled a little bit more. A bolster really is something that veryone should have in their home if they practice calmer yoga practices such as for example hatha yoga."