Exploring new SATS class Pure Strength

Trainer of Tomorrow Anna Kähler tells her experience from the launch event of the new class Pure strength at SATS together with Casall. Get ready for some fresh motivation and inspiration!

"The reasons why we have developed Pure Strength are the trends that shows that more intense weight training are more popular than ever before and can be done by anyone independent of both gender and age"
says Tonje Kristenstuen, Nordic Concept Manager at SATS.

Casall PRO is co operating with SATS and are contributing with the tools used in the class, Hexagon dumbbells, Pump sets and Step up boards. We attended the launch of the class in Stockholm and this is Trainer of Tomorrow Anna Kähler's thoughts after participating.pro_tool_1x.jpg

Autumn is here and routines are starting to fall into place. This Autumn, I have incorporated some more strength training than usual, to build a strong body for the ski season since I am a passionate skier. I usually prefer functional training and running, it keeps me energized, is time efficient and fun. However, a couple of weeks ago I tried the new class Pure strength at SATS - and I have to say it is the PERFECT complement to functional training, or if you just love strength training. 




  • It is what it sounds like - Pure strength. Attention on one muscle group at the time through supersets that will make your muscles burn.
  • It is challenging. For those who usually do not use lots of weights when training. However also a perfect class for the ones who do lot of strength training at the gym themselves, but want someone to coach and push them even further.
  • Finally - it is quality. Heavier weights, but less repetitions. 

At the launch event, the instructor, the people around and the music made the whole class an amazing sweat session. Because even though you can do strength training on your own, it is so much more fun to do it in a group. Everyone is pushing each other and spreading energy and strength - this time in matching outfits. Also, it is good to have someone who knows how to do the exercises right, because you can always progress. 


Are you like me and usually prefer functional training and cardio? Then this class if perfect to put into your routine to give your muscles a strength challenge in between. Or if you love strength training, you will for sure like this class. It will challenge the muscles on a new level, also your mind! Do this class once a week and your body will get a challenge.

After the class, we got a fresh juice and chia pudding, everyone sweaty and happy. Remember it is key to fill up with lots of energy after movement.