This concept has been developed specifically for warming up and recovery so that your body can gain the maximum possible benefit from training. It´s a perfect complement to your training, but also for rehab.


Foam and tube roll training works by applying localized pressure to chosen regions of the body. When pressure is applied with a roller, the roller exercises with help increase the circulatory flow through that area reducing soft tissue damage and improving movement dynamics.

Foam Roll Guide

The ultimate guide to get inspired and learn more about Foam roll and Tube roll. It will help improve both your training and body. Foam roller training is for all and not just for athletes, everyone can benefit from foam roll training because becoming mobile enough to properly perform basic human movements will help to avoid overuse injuries and chronic pain later in life.

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Resistance bands are an effective tool for rehabilitation and injury prevention. You can choose between many different models and resistance levels. They are easy to take with you wherever you go, and are perfect for working on strength, flexibility, and stability - all at once.


Balance boards and balance pads are the perfect training tool for those who will work on balance and coordination. Our different models make it possible for you to work on many different types of exercises. Balance boards are great whether you’re warming up, cooling down, strengthening your ankles, or using them in combination with strength training for better results.


We’ve got a great selection of massage tools to help increase blood flow, warm up muscles before training, or simply to help you relax. Try out our Pressure Point Ball and find your trigger points for faster recovery and more flexible muscles.


Casall cork products are designed in Sweden and the cork is sustainably produced in Portugal. Protected by law since the 13th century, Portugal is home to the largest cork oak forest area in the world. 

Casall Cork Series

Growing awareness of the value of the ecosystem of the cork oak forest has led to important initiatives in reforestation and the systematisation of good practices. Supporting Portuguese cork production is one way of ensuring the future of cork, and represents the perfect balance between preserving the environment and the sustainable development of local communities. 

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