A 12-week Movement Therapy and Wellness Program, powered by Casall, with one of the world’s leading coaches, Tanja Djelevic, at the helm.

“This program is designed to build a long-term blueprint for a healthy life in balance. It could mean the difference between simply getting "better" and learning lifelong tools that empower you to truly energise your heart, body, and soul."

Tanja Djelevic, Personal Health & Wellness Coach


New beginnings can be scary – But you have to start somewhere! Let’s dare to make this the first day of your journey to create new energy, new Lifeforce, and feel good! I invite you to join these daily fixes of thought, meditation, and movement practices, in the spirit of learning and growing.

The daily fixes can be found by follow #dailyfix on Instagram, or by subscribing toTanja's YouTube channel and will also be posted here below.


How often are you really still and quiet? Anyone who has learned to meditate probably has this down, but what about you who still have a difficult time quieting down? This is a place to start! Quiet and stillness makes way for you to finally hear yourself. Your needs and wants. Hearing what your body is telling you. This is needed every single day, but as you well know OH SO difficult to cultivate. Let’s explore STILLNESS this week!

The daily fixes can be found by follow #dailyfix on Instagram, or by subscribing toTanja's YouTube channel and will also be posted here below.


Let’s explore CONNECTIVITY this week, and what we can do to create space, and expand the body and the mind. Just taking a time out for 10 breaths a few times a day, can not only provide more oxygen to your system, but this Breath and Spine movement also stretches out the stale and tight connective tissue which might be a bit crusty from sitting, laying down or anything else. For more #dailyfix subscribe to Tanja's YouTube channel!


After a few weeks of prepping and massaging both the mind and the body, you are ready to move forward and start creating the SHAPES you want and need. Building strength on top of a body that is tight and therefore weak, is just a recipe for disaster, not to be too dramatic! If you have used the past weeks of foam rolling and stretching to your every day advantage, you’re ready for more! For more #dailyfix subscribe to Tanja's YouTube channel!


Pain is there to teach us what to do, and of course what not to do. The sensory memory of pain and discomfort stays much longer than maybe even the memory of actual event itself. Pain teaches us something. When to back off. When to pay attention. When to decide to resolve. Basically pain is screaming at us to pay attention and adjust.

Lets explore how to feel it, read it, and deal with it this week! For more #dailyfix subscribe to Tanja's YouTube channel!


Now, on to EXPRESSING who you are, what you want, and (here goes nothing!!) what you need! EXPRESSION needs and feeds EXUBERANT ENERGY! This can be as freeing as it is scary. If you’re not very comfortable expressing yourself verbally, starting with getting really comfortable with your body and being in it can be a good start!

Get your #dailyfix and dare to do some curious exploration this week! For more #dailyfix subscribe to Tanja's YouTube channel!


You just cannot build a strong house on a weak foundation. The past 6 weeks YOU have been doing foundational work, and now its time to add that DEEP STRENGTH! The CORE always engages naturally when you move - it’s, when you’re healthy, a reaction! Sometimes, we have to just help it along and teach it sequencing, or just make it stronger in the most efficient ways. The CORE is where the deep strength lives.

The #dailyfix this week explores the resiliency of your whole being. For more #dailyfix subscribe to Tanja's YouTube channel!


What does being brave mean to You? DO you need to dig deep for it, or does it live easily accessible to you? I’m guessing the first one! We need to create a lot of energy to be able to be brave. And the cool thing is, as we face ourselves and find our brave, THAT will give us energy.

Let’s explore what that can feel, look, taste and be like this week, through doing the #dailyfix DAILY! For more #dailyfix subscribe to Tanja's YouTube channel!


“Find ones flow”. A lot of the time we use it and don’t take some time to think about what that can mean to us, in our specific life, situation, mindset uniqueness, etc. To flow can mean that we get to do something we enjoy and during the process we forget about time and space. Also, it can mean that the body and mind are sort of congruent, and work together, even for a day or and hour. For that day or hour, they’re just one the SAME PAGE.

Can you find your F L O W? Body, Mind and Spirit? Let’s explore what that can feel, look, taste and be like this week, through doing the #dailyfix DAILY! For more #dailyfix subscribe to Tanja's YouTube channel!


Take ACTION to SWEAT! This week we are READY to start exploring TAKING ACTION!! Doesn’t that make you SWEAT just hearing the words? ACTION is something that requires ENERGY, and CREATING ENERGY requires ACTION. For the past weeks you have prepped the body to be ABLE to move without hurting yourself, and ACCUMULATING strength and flexibility. And energy! Let’s explore what TAKING ACTION to SWEAT can feel, look, taste and be like this week, through doing the #dailyfix DAILY! For more #dailyfix subscribe to Tanja's YouTube channel!


Is JOY to be HAPPY all the freakin’ time? Well that sounds exhausting and it’s also nearly impossible. To feel JOY can be to learn how to feel your emotions, and enjoy them or cope with them, on a regular basis. Maybe learn how to exchange some of the ones that have become habitually dark, to something that is more accepting and helpful. All of a sudden JOY doesn’t sound that HOT anymore does it?

The fact is that, if you learn to accept the emotions that flow through you, you might just be able to come closer to JOY than if you force feed yourself and others positivity wins it’s not authentic. JOY looks as different to any human being, as they’re thumb-prints differ. Let’s take a leap and explore what JOY means to YOU! For the entire 12 weeks of #dailyfix, please SUBSCRIBE to Tanja's YouTube channel!


This is the grand finale week! If you’ve hung out with me here in this space, you will have repeated small habits every single day. Those habits will grow if you let them, into new behaviors, and I’m hoping that they will bring you energy, joy and a curious trouble shooting kind of mindset. Start over if you want to stay on track, and repeat the patterns and mindsets. Please check back with me here for more #dailyfix ideas and tips. You can also reach out to me for a more personalized coaching program!

Stay energized, curious and a little bit crazy on your journey, and remember that love and a sparkly attitude doesn’t cost you a thing so: Spread it like its peanut butter & jelly! GOOD LUCK AND KEEP IN TOUCH!