Designer Sportswear from Sweden since 1984.

As the founders of Sweden’s first women’s gym in 1984, our heritage is in personal, cross-functional, holistic training. We believe in creating harmony between the Heart, Body and Soul. And we’ve been partnering with athletes and personal trainers ever since to create some of the best holistic training Tools and Sportswear on the market.

30 years in the game

We started by selling professional gym tools and equipment all over Scandinavia before opening ‘Athena’, one of the first fitness centre for women in the world. When our female instructors asked us for something beautifully to work out in. The original concept for designer sportswear for women was born. And we just grew out from there.

Always in Training

Our products are designed for training. Sweaty, joyous, better-yourself training. We encourage you to wear these garments to their fullest potential, when running, squatting, stretching, sprinting, benching, reaching. The harder you work, the happier you’ll be with the result.

Our Passion is in the Product

We’re fabric fanatics and consciously choose highly technical materials that perform, but also look and feel beautiful. Our carefully crafted products marry a designer’s eye with a competitor’s soul.