Heart, Body and Soul with Frida

Frida has always considered health and exercise as a lifestyle, not a quick fix. She believes that the body works best when it’s treated as one unit. It's important to realize that everything is connected; body, mind and soul.

Frida is the CEO of a training facility called Under Construction, which is located in central Stockholm. Over the past 20 years Frida has worked in the health and training industry inspiring people to reach their exercise goals and finding a balanced lifestyle.  

"I want to create this fantastic feeling when our muscles are working together in perfect symphony; this will make us full of energy and a sense of being strong. The feeling of harmony between work, training and everyday life is something I value and want to pursue the best I can."

The most important thing for your body and mind is to invest in your own well being. The primary components of my philosophy are physical activity, clean food and to get to know yourself and your own body. What you do today paves way for your growth tomorrow.

Frida Lindström

What is your best training tips?

Vary your training, aim for perfect technique and execution, train regularly and do not overlook your recovery.

What's your favorite type of training?

I really enjoy mixing up my training. I love the combination of hard and soft. To go from high intensive training one day to just melt over a yoga bolster the next day.

Best Casall tool and why?

Mini rubber bands because you can take it with you everywhere and it’s easy to use for many different exercises. I also love my cork yoga mat, which is not only environment-friendly and made of natural cork, it’s also very comfortable and beautiful! 

What does top performance mean to you? 

Top performance for me is when you are ”all-around trained”, when you feel strong, fast and flexible.

What does Forever Better mean to you?

To have the mindset that we are all ”under construction”. To evolve yourself, to have the will to become a little bit better every day. 

What does Life in Balance men to you?

Everyone needs to find their own balance and path to health. I find my balance when I reach a good flow, when I have planned my time well at work, around my own training, family and down time for myself. 

I consider health as a life long project. Everything is interconnected so have fun, be humble, be aware and conscious of what you’re doing. Reflect and be thankful of what you already are, for everything you already give and for everything you already receive. Find your own personal flow.

Frida Lindström

What is your view on training?

I have always considered health and training as a lifestyle, not a quick fix. I see the body as a whole and that means that the body is at it’s best when you treat it as one unit. It's important to realize that everything is connected; body, mind and soul.

What is your best training tips?

My best advice to you is to find a mix between hard and soft, to vary your training as much as possible. Always warm up before your workout so the nervsystem is ready. Keep in mind; you are one functioning unit. 

Under Construction

Under Construction specialize in functional training, which means that we focus on training different movements instead of specific muscles.  

We believe that prioritize your body is a smart investment. There needs to be a balance between physical activity, recovery, sleep and healthy nutrition; all these are equally important building blocks of a healthy living. We want to inspire everyone towards a healthy well being where physical activity is a part of your every day life.