Challenge your core with Kajsa

Give your body what it needs, both strength, cardio and mobility training. And don’t forget to rest. Eat clean but give yourself a treat occasionally. 

Kajsa is the Master Instructor at Urban Ride, Stockholm’s premium indoor cycling studio where you combine spinning with full body strength exercises. She is responsible for all training and coaching of new instructors. Kajsa has a long background in dance and everything from aerobics to Bodypump. Her motivation is to gain the ability to motivate, inspire and most importantly - help others to get where they want to be. She has a holistic view when it comes to health and she believes that everything is connected, both body and mind.

Balance is key.

Kajsa Ålund

What is your best training tips?

Make training a part of your daily routine. It should be as natural as brushing your teeth, it’s just something you do every day. You only have one body and it’s meant to be moving so take care of it. And incorporate different types of training to stay motivated.

What's your favorite type of training?

I love all types of training. Everything from skiing to Barre and heavy lifting at the gym. But what I love about Urban Ride is the combination of cardio and strength along with the music as its fuel and momentum. It’s magical!