Life Force with Tanja

Swedish born Tanja Djelevic is not your typical personal trainer. With a Masters Degree in Psychology, an extensive list of credentials and certifications, plus more than 20 years of experience training and coaching clients, Tanja is a true expert in the field of fitness, health and wellness.

Tanja is an Inernational Fitness Expert, Wellness Coach, Life Enthusiast and Personal Trainer.  Through her brand – Loud Fitness – Tanja has been promoting a mind/body connection long before it became a catch phrase. Tanja’s goal is to work with her clients to help them create a better life – to live physically and mentally pain-free through a balance of fitness, nutrition and positive psychology.  Tanja Djelevic’s mission is to help people create their life force!

Born and raised in Kristianstad, Sweden, Tanja’s childhood love of athletics and dance led her to begin her formal education at the prestigious Swedish Academy of Fitness Education.  She continued her education, after moving to California, by completing a Masters Degree in Psychology, specializing in Stress Management Therapy and Behavioral Life Coaching.  Tanja is an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and has certifications from AFAA, ACE, Powerhouse Pilates and C.H.E.K Institute, among many others.  Tanja has also studied at the Gray Institute and received her Positive Psychology Coaching Certification from the Whole Being Institute.

Tanja’s workouts are known internationally, as well as locally, as energetic, restorative and inspirational.  She returns often to Sweden to teach workshops and is known throughout her homeland as one of the top fitness professionals in the country. Currently Los Angeles based, Tanja teaches classes at the world famous Hollywood Crunch Fitness, Muscle Mechanics in Hollywood, Equinox at Sunset Plaza and Easton Gym Co. Her classes range from high intensity interval training to yoga and restorative practices.

Knowing that having healthy eating habits contributes to a positive self-image, Tanja takes a holistic approach to nutrition both personally and professionally.  As a firm believer that super foods give you super powers, Tanja works with her clients to help them incorporate clean eating into their diets so they can understand the positive effects it will have on them physically and mentally.

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What is your best training tips?

Be consistent with training. Consistency is everything.

What's your favorite type of training?

I love high intensity anything and equally love restorative work. Balance of the yin and yang.

Best Casall tool and why?

I'm exploring the yoga wheel and massage tools a lot, and I love the look, feel and use of it. The cork mat is to die for.

What does top performance mean to you?

It means training in a way which makes the body bullet proof and useful in all modalities. Flexibility, speed, mobility. It ALSO means, being strong and energized enough to be Abel to take on daily challenges like kids, work and social life. Its important to function optimally in anything thats needed.

What does Forever Better mean to you?

Curiously learning about the body, about oneself, about al things around you, makes you forever better. So probably learning = forever better!!

Training is my movement theraphy! It connects me to myself and provides a release when I need that, strength when I need that, and mindfulness when I need that.

Tanja Djelevic


A Life in Balance is a life where one strives for good health on all levels: mental, physical and emotional. That requires knowledge of oneself, and that is I think to most people a life long journey. It requires knowledge what is important and what makes one tick. Daring to say hell yes!! and hello no.

Tanja Djelevic