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Our training experts are full of confidence, strength and determination, and years of experience that they would love to share. As experts in their field they always strive to support you to make the smartest choice for your training. 


"The most important thing for your body and mind is to invest in your own well being."

Heart, Body and Soul with Frida

Frida has always considered health and exercise as a lifestyle, not a quick fix. She believes that the body works best when it’s treated as one unit. It's important to realize that everything is connected; body, mind and soul.

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"I focus on developing our ability to move and perform with control, strength and rhythm. I work towards movement fluidity, whether it is running, cycling or body work practice". 

Mobility with Matthew

Matthew is a lecturer and personal trainer within the fields of health and fitness. His training style is diverse and he integrates many training forms into one to exploring the possibility and capability of what the body can achieve. 

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"Get active – it´s always a win win"

SKY training with Shirin

Dedicated to help you in the best possible way to a healthier, more active, stronger, happier and fit life. I share all my best tips, knowledge and skills to guide you on your journey. 

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"It’s never going to get easier, you will just get stronger!"

Body by Frida

I want to inspire you to move better and change the way you look at fitness and making it a natural part of your life. Training should be something you look forward to every day.

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"Creativity. Movement. Presence. A grounding powerful source for being in the now, for being honest, for being authentic. That is yoga for me."

Yoga with Johanna

Mobility and stability. Physically. Mentally. Energetically. And everything in between. Yoga is the mainstay that anchors me in everyday life and allows me to listen to the inside instead of acting on external factors. 

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"You cannot buy health, happiness or love."

Dance with Jennie

Jennie Widegren, is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, fitness profile and lecturer. She is one of the founders of Bounce, the famous dance collective that received Stockholm's Cullberg Prize in 2008.

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"Yoga has the obvious physical benefits but it is much more than just a physical practice. Yoga teaches a way to accept the wave of what is happening without falling into a wave of this shouldn't be happening to me."

Find balance with Luke

Luke is an internationally experienced Yoga teacher, Therapeutic Yoga consultant and Mindfulness coach. He teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Therapeutic yoga and Mindfulness meditation. Luke also run's exclusive holistic wellness, yoga and meditation retreats around the world. 

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"Balance is key."

Challenge your core with Kajsa

Give your body what it needs, both strength, cardio and mobility training. And don’t forget to rest. Eat clean but give yourself a treat occasionally.

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"I take care of my body by giving it strength through mental and physical training."

Get stronger with Carolina

Variation is key. Mix different types of training forms like running, strength training, dance, yoga and most important be sure to have fun while doing it. Let training be a part of your life and your daily routines to achieve balance and wellbeing.

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"Workout is feel-good and healing art, not performance."

Body Sculpting with Monica

Monica is a certified Pilates- and Yoga instructor based in sunny California. Monica is also opening a new studio in Oslo with a lot of different concepts. Based on her knowledge and experience, Monica has developed a new training concept called Body Sculpting. 

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"She needed a hero, so that’s what she became."

Holistic health with Julie

Julie Montagu, The Flexi Foodie, is one of London’s top yoga and nutrition teachers and recently named Top 10 Holistic Health Icons in the world and one of Britain’s most inspiring women.

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"I believe in the philosophy of holistic training and having heart, body, and mind all in balance."

Magnus Method

Magnus Lygdback is a world-renowned Swedish health and wellness expert, entrepreneur, and life coach. For over 18 years, Magnus has been working as a trainer, and today he is one of the most sought-after personal trainers around the world. Throughout his career, Magnus has developed the infamous “Magnus Method”, a training philosophy around holistic training.

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"Never give up."

Dance it out with Ceclia

Cecilia is a dancer and actress educated at Balettakademien and Calle Flygare in Stockholm. She is now freelancing as a dancer and working as a barre instructor at Be.core. She loves to share her passion for dance and training with others in a very expressive way! 

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"BREAK it and you will MAKE it. Nothing is impossible."

Break it and you will make it with Elin

Elin recently became the European Champion in OCR (Obstacle Course Racing). She has a background in gymnastic and used to be the Swedish and Nordic Champion, representing Sweden at both European and World Championships. 

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"My entire teacher training team has been wearing Casall for over 15 years. The clothing makes you feel confident and comfortable with a little edge. Perfect for your yoga and pilates workout."

Get motivated with Karolina

Canadian Karolina Schmid is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and a Yoga Aliance Certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher. She is based in Zürich, Switzerland where she runs her own teacher training company, PILATE Swiss.

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"Development strives for real needs."

Strength and flexibilty with Morena

Morena’s speciliaty is to combine strength with flexibility. The mind is the mirror of the body and balance the key to a healthy and successful life. She is based in Zurich and teaches Yoga, AcroYoga and Pilates with passion and ambition. 

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"Training is my movement theraphy! It connects me to myself and provides a release when I need that, strength when I need that, and mindfulness when I need that."

Lifeforce with Tanja

Swedish born Tanja Djelevic is not your typical personal trainer. With a Masters Degree in Psychology, an extensive list of credentials and certifications, plus more than 20 years of experience training and coaching clients, Tanja is a true expert in the field of fitness, health and wellness. 

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"The foundation of human function, performance and longevity is movement efficiency, which will enhance physical well-being and quality of life for all of us."

Performance with Kristian

Kristian is a professional coach and practical educator within the fields of physical rehabilitation, human function and performance. 

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"A life in balance is not something you find, it's something you create. Creating a life in balance is choosing happiness, peace and good health."

Explore the path of yoga with Emma

Emma is a certified Bikram Yoga teacher based in Stockholm, where she works at Bikram Yoga City. She loves to explore and try different forms of yoga and asanas, meditation and mindfulness.

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“Be patient. Even if you can’t physically see the results in front of you. Every single effort is changing your body from the inside. Never get discouraged."

Achieve your goals with Jason

Zurich based Jason Steele is an international fitness advisor with many years of experience in the health industry. His strength lies in focusing your mind on your chosen goals and ensuring you achieve them. 

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“Performance is not about being better than anyone else. It is about being a little bit better today than you were yesterday.”

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