There are hundreds of forms of meditation and thousands of studies showing the benefits of different methods! With this in mind we asked the question;

What qualities would I like to cultivate more in my life? 

Time and time again people answered in the same way.. This is why we are so very excited to share these four meditations that work with the structures in the brain and the body to help change your default mode to one of Presence, Compassion for oneself and others, Relaxation and Values.


For most of us our days are spent by being pulled around by thoughts or reactive patterns. In times of stress the mind really has it's way with us!  This mindfulness practice literally builds up the decision making part of the brain, whilst cooling the more emotionally reactive parts. Which means the ability to focus on thoughts that you want to, let go of thoughts you don't want to follow whilst being more emotionally regulated in life. An empowering practice that helps us be present with our loved one in this age of distractions.

(12 minutes long meditation session)



This loving kindness meditation focuses on developing feelings of goodwill, compassion and kindness to others and yourself. Numerous studies have shown it also helps to build inner resilience and has been proven to increase positive emotions and to dampen the reactive parts of the brain. A true heartfelt practice.

(11 minutes long meditation session)



This meditation teaches both the body and mind how to relax, which is a skill that is easy to lose in the race of constant 'doing'. These techniques are perfect to help with sleeping difficulties and to counter the general stress of daily life. 

(10 minutes long meditation session)



A meditation to help reveal the values that you hold dear in life and to see the moments that have inspired you and moved you. With this clarity we hope it is therefore easier to prioritize what is truly important to you in your daily life. To live life how you truly want to.

(11 minutes long meditation session)