Personal trainer Ioana Dunica shares her favourite workouts for glute training.

Shaping your booty are both a merit of genetics and the result of constant and targeted glute training. In fact, a training program for a "perfect" booty includes a mix of aerobic training (running, swimming, cycling, trekking) combined with some specific toning exercises.



I have put together a workout of 5 exercises that you can perform at home or in the park, they all target your glutes and will surely tone your booty into shape. Just keep in mind that if you can do 15 repititions of an exercise easily then you will have to challenge yourself with a resistance band with a little more resistance.

Do this workout at least 3 times a week... even though it is a balancing act to have time for work, family and a thousand other things you should be able to squeeze in three sessions per week! You will experience the benefits right away.

Day 1

5 simple exercises with the mini band that can be performed both at home and in the park. Try doing the exercises without too much pause between them, for at least 3 series. At the end of the first serie, take a 1-minute break, then start all over again.

Day 2

In the summertime there is no better thing than working out outside! To be able to braethe fresh air and be close to nature will make wonders for your health. Start with a brisk walk for at least 30-40 minutes. If you like a challenge go for a 30 minutes run. To train outside in nature will give energy bothy to your body and mind.

Day 3

You can repeat Day 1 training session, or go to the swimming pool or why not take your bike out for a 30 minutes session. Whatever the training you are doing and whatever your goal is, consistancy is essential.


This is the most effective exercise there is to working out your glutes, you can't avoid it. As the image shows you should sit down, almost as sitting down on a chair, then return to your start position slowly, you should feel the muscles work. Always keep your back straight.

Repetitions: 15


This exercise is performed standing up and targets your glutes but it also tones the outside of your thighs and your hips. Raise one leg to the side, don't go above your hip and keep your torso straight. Don't sway with the upper body, keep it still and straight.

Repetitions: 15 per leg


This exercise is literally squats leaning against a wall. The knees must be aligned with your ankles; keep the resistance band well stretched. If necessary, move your back higher or lower to get in the right position.

Repetitions: 30-40 sec / 1 minute


Keep both your legs flexed, stretch the side leg, then return to the initial position and change the leg. Try to keep the weight in the center, activating the abs well.

Repetitions: 15 per leg


Stretch out one leg at a time, slowly. Make a controlled return, keeping your hips in line and your back straight.

Repetitions: 15 per leg



We all want to be fit, and we often make many sacrifices to get good results.. but I am sure that you sometimes have experienced that you are not able to get to the gym, either for lack of desire or time. If you still want to keep fit at these times when the motivation is failing, I have the perfect solution. It is cheap and effective, the only thing you need is a resistance band and you can have a complete workout at home or while traveling. Resistance bands tone your muscles effectively and you will get great results, they don't take up any space at home and can actually replace various gym equipment.


Exetubes are the best resistance training tool targeting even the smallest muscle groups. This lightweight, portable equipment is the most effective way to sculpt your muscle definition even on your travels. The foam handles enabled a good grip and you can fasten it around a post. Comes in three resistance (resistance at maximum length):

  • Light: 3kg
  • Medium: 5kg
  • Hard: 7kg



The Casall rubber band is a resistance training tool which is simple but versatile. This item is great for stretching, muscle toning, and even rehabilitation. Perfect to use for sculpturing booty training exercises. It is an absolute favourite for professional trainers. 

  • Reference resistance for light: 4kg.
  • Reference resistance for medium: 7kg.
  • Reference resistance for hard: 10kg

This mini loop band is designed with a fabric cover to give extra durability and comfort. A mini loop band is great resistance training tool which is simple but versatile. This item is great for stretching, muscle toning and even rehabilitation. If you start with the rubber bands, this is progression when you want to take your training to the next level.

  • Reference resistance for light: 8kg.
  • Reference resistance for hard: 12kg.

A multipurpose tool for functional, strength, power, felixibility, agility and quickness training. Casall Super Rubber bands are available in three differ-ent strengths: light, medium and hard. All bands are 200 cm long and are made of latex.

  • Reference resistance for light: 7-11kg.
  • Reference resistance for medium: 9-20kg.
  • Reference resistance at maximum length: 3 kg.