Maria Barfod

DJ & Sounddesigner Copenhagen

An Extrovert Introvert DJ finding balance in life with the mix of dance floors and family life.

What drives you? What does ‘making a difference’ mean to you?

Perfection drives me. I know Im not perfect, inside and out. And it is not that I try to be but I can always do and be better. In work, towards the ones I love and my self. 

Tell us a story from your past that has really shaped you. What did you learn?

I had a depression through out 2017, which made me become a better me. I made me think of myself, so I can thing be more for others. 

If you could travel back in time… what piece of advice would to give to yourself ten years ago?

JUST BE YOU – everyone else is taken. 

What does your morning routine look like? How do you maintain balance in your life? What bio or life hack would you like to share with the world?

I try to wake up at the same time every day. I hug my son for a few minutes before the day starts. I like slow mornings. After a healthy breakfast I work out. I have a personal trainer twice a week. I do Pilates and I walk A LOT. 

When are you most happy? Where is your happy place?

Playing UNO with my boys or walking towards nothing listening to a podcast.

What’s your favorite type of training? Why is training important for you and your career?

I moving my body EVERY day. If I don’t move my mind get stuck. Walking, weights and Pilates is right now my favorite things to do. But I switch it up with running and yoga. 

What’s next? What are your ambitions for the future?

Instead for having goals for the future I try to enjoy life more. Being present and believing the if I try my best everyday learning new stuff from the fantastic people I meet around he world – I be all good.