Olivia Rothschild


Olivia is a social entrepreneur with a background in PR and communications. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her Aruban husband and little son. Through her social media platform and podcast she shares parts of life and disruptive thoughts on society with the aim of breaking free from a collective, ingrained thinking pattern. Olivia believes health comes from a good attitude towards life and making sure to move your body with it.

What drives you? What does ‘making a difference’ mean to you?

Curiosity about life drives me. Understanding myself as well as others keeps me seeking new adventures and gaining more understanding for how you can truly make a difference. For me it is all about becoming conscious of your own thought processes and behaviours. This is where true change comes from. 

Tell us a story from your past that has really shaped you. What did you learn?

This is a tricky question, everything I do shapes me. The learning journey of starting my own social enterprise together with two of my good friends was intense. You have to learn to communicate efficiently and honestly, you have to set goals and most importantly trust yourself. It’s not always easy but I learned what I value, who I am as a person and that my own ideas and perspectives are actually good! And even better in the right team. 

If you could travel back in time... what piece of advice would to give to yourself ten years ago?

Don’t do anything differently - trust yourself and your own intuition. 

What does your morning routine look like? How do you maintain balance in your life? What bio or life hack would you like to share with the world?

Wake up to my little boy Hunter asking for Mamma - go and pick him up from his crib. Change his diaper and prepare his favourite smoothie and then we enjoy a smoothie together. Maintaining balance in my life was already difficult before having a child but became a real challenge when becoming a mother. For me, maintaining balance actually comes from not putting too much pressure on myself to do so - if that makes sense? We have ideas about what a balanced life should look like that are very hard to reach and maybe even contra productive because we stress more in order to reach it than we would have otherwise. 

When are you most happy? Where is your happy place?

I am happy when the people around me are happy. Sounds silly but that really makes me happy. I am happy when I get to do things I love and when I get to spend time in nature. My happy place is my childhood home on the countryside in the South of France. It’s like all my worries disappear and I set my priorities right. 

What’s your favorite type of training? Why is training important for you and your career?

I am a total "phase person". Training comes and goes but I always loved it because it gives me a boost of endorphins. I love running (when I’m in shape hehe), doing yoga, recently started climbing which is amazing and would love to do more kick boxing. 

What’s next? What are your ambitions for the future?

I want to explore what I can do with my platform to inspire healthy habits both mentally and physically. My podcast "Imagine a World" is one attempt to do so - question our existing belief systems and thinking patterns in order to expand our horizon.