Stina Lönnkvist

Yoga teacher & Entrepreneur Stockholm

I wear a lot of different hats, but if I’d had to choose a title it would be Modern Yogi. I am a yoga teacher, business graduate, blogger, podcast host and entrepreneur. As a modern yogi, I want to broaden the scope of what yoga can be to make it relatable and accessible for everyone. Join me for my one-day Nano Retreats, flow to the rhythm with my DJ yoga sessions Deep OM or just get inspired on anywhere with my podcast Give a Fuck – weekly episodes about what you really should give a fuck about for a meaningful and sustainable life.

What drives you? 

I want to inspire and empower people to feel better in their own bodies – both by moving psychically (through yoga) and by being aware of the mind and the stories it creates. Are these stories serving us or stopping our potential? As a yoga teacher, I want to be loving, authentic and accessible for people in the modern world.

What’s next in training? 

I think yoga will continue to grow and that new exciting styles of yoga will emerge. I also hope that the body-mind practices of yoga and meditation will influence other styles of training - that we will consider a healthy mind being as important as a healthy body. How do I talk about myself to myself, are there kind thoughts? What is my relationship with my body? I think that these types of questions are a crucial complement to competitive training, especially for girls.

What makes you happy?

My morning yoga practice really sets the tone of my day, and it’s on a particularly high note if I also have time to include some meditation and positive affirmations. When returning to the yoga philosophy, I realized I don’t need to search for more, especially not other people’s approval, in order to be happy. Instead, I work on letting go of things that doesn’t serve me (like self-judgement), in order to make space for more joy in life.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt being surrounded by people that make me laugh, having the sun in my face and an abundant supply of delicious vegan food.

How do you create balance in your life? 

I love to move, play and laugh – but also find it important with stillness, reflection and rest. However, I’ve learned that my mind is not smart enough to know when to shift, so I’ve created strategies to proactively incorporate everything. I care about my basic needs such as sleep, sunlight, moving my body and good food (where “good” can be both kale because my body craves it, or chocolate because my heart wants it). I also try to manage my ambitions. It’s almost an “forbidden” thing to say this in some training circles, but my opinion is that it can be better to give 80 % rather than 100 % (or 110 % as some people say) – especially long-term. 

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

My yoga mat, of course. It serves so many functions in my life. It is both the best portable gym and my happy place. On the mat I find rest, strength and inspiration.  

What are your goals for the future? 

My goal right now is to continue to grow and develop as a yoga teacher, but alongside my passion for yoga and personal development, I am doing a master at Stockholm School of Economics. My goal is to combine my passions with my skills in branding and business to create concepts for yoga and wellbeing that reach a lot of people. I also want to write more, one of my dreams for the future is to become a published author.

Who inspires you and why?

First and foremost, I am inspired by my teachers in yoga. I continue to be amazed by how wisdom is passed on in the yoga tradition, generation to generation, and how generously it is shared. To this tradition, I am forever a student, although I love trying out all the new styles, concepts and techniques that emerge every day within yoga.

Outside the mat, I have the privilege to know many cool women doing cool stuff that make the world a little bit better and happier – while still supporting each other. Power!