Eividas Stankevicius

Wrestling Sweden

My name is Eividas Stankevicius. I am 24 years old and a professional wrestler. I was born in Lithuania and lived half my life there, now I live in Sweden but I am still representing team Lithuania in competitions. I’ve tried different sports in my life but the one sport that I stayed with was Greco-Roman wrestling. Now I’ve spent about 13 years of my life on the wrestling mat. I have represented team Lithuania in World championships (x4), European championship (x5) and other international tournaments. Wrestling is a tough sport which requires hard work, patience, routine and focus. These characteristics formed my life and my body, which I am proud of.

What does Forever Better mean to you?

As a professional athlete I have to be hungry and improve myself all the time because there are many young and talented wrestlers who wants to take my spot. Forever Better reminds me to improve myself every single day in all of my life choices.

How does your training routine look like?

I always start with a warm up to decrease the risk of injury and to make sure that my body is ready. The main training is about increasing my endurance, power, strength, flexibility and technique in the wrestling. In the end I usually slow-run to cool me down and stretch to relax my muscles.

What are your goals for the future?

My biggest goal in life is to be the best wrestler in the world and to inspire other that they can also reach their goals and dreams.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

The jumping rope is one of my favorite tools, which I have in my training bag at all times. It helps me to lose weight before competitions and is a great tool to use in a warmup.

Why is Rest and Recovery important to your performance?

If I don’t rest and recover my body - my performance decreases. My body needs to Rest and Recover if I want to develop myself and get stronger.