Adam Husler

Yoga London

Adam Husler (500hr RYT) delivers anatomically focused, non dogmatic, alignment based, vinyasa yoga teaching across London, internationally and on multiple online channels. Prepare to explore mobility, flexibility and strength through intelligently sequenced yoga classes, informed by his teaching from world leading teachers; Jason Crandell, Michael Stone and Cameron Shayne.

What drives you? 

I’m long past the world of 8-pacs and bulging biceps, but on a physical perspective I’m looking to take people on a journey of self-enquiry within themselves, starting with the body, the greatest tool we’ve got, and looking after it. Exploring strength and flexibility though controlled and intelligent movement, is a winner if you want to look after your body till your death bed. When you look in to the body in this way, it’s inevitable that other benefits follow; control of breath, a quietening of your mind’s internal narrative and plenty more. 

What’s next in training? 

A realization, by more people, that if they only ever do one form of exercise they’re pretty limiting their bodies potential and possibly even causing some harm. Naturally, I’d say a yoga practice is great for all, because it acts as an antidote to our other activities; keeping a runner’s legs loose, keeping a boxers shoulders open, strengthening a dancers internal leg rotation etc. But beyond yoga I’m seeing dancers start to rock climb, cyclists starting to work on calisthenics and yogi’s starting to hit the free weights. Challenge your body in different ways!

What makes you happy?

It’s pretty simple things; wine with a good book, stalking other people’s cute dogs and food. Lots of food. 

How do you create balance in your life? 

My schedule is pretty full on; generally, at least 20 hours of London teaching a week and on top of that there’ events, workshops, international teaching, photoshoots, meetings and then, of course, the travel and admin.  I haven't always been the best at balancing work/life, because in a sense they blend in to one. My work is generally something I love doing. That said, I’m starting to streamline my schedule so I get to squeeze in plenty of time to look after my own body and moving slightly out of central London, so I have my little escape from the hustle and bustle

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

As someone who is ‘on the road all day’, I’m a bag lover, with one for every occasion. I’ve got handmade waxed cotton rucksacks that age beautifully, a waterproof cycling bag that doubles in size in an instant, packing cubes for super efficiency and a smarter vintage leather one, for when I need to look more like an adult. If you ever need anything, I’ve probably got it on my back!

What are your goals for the future? 

I’ve been fortunate enough (and worked an obscene amount!) to be a respected teacher in London and beyond. I’d love to continue on that trajectory, teaching regular classes in London but being able to pop around the world for workshops and eventually lead world class teacher trainings. In the short-term future, it’s to continue the recovery of the damaged ligament in my foot; mainly via lots of pistol squats!

Who inspires you and why?

The trainers/teachers who have the integrity to do ‘their thing’ in a way that is true to themselves, true to their beliefs and in a way, that honors the traditions, science or knowledge that forms the foundation of their subject matter. 

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