Bega Alas

Yoga Madrid

Power Yoga teacher. Rocket Yoga lover. Passion for movement. Healthy food lover.

What drives you?

That’s the question I did myself when a left my job two years ago for devoting body and soul
to give yoga clasess. I can say that wellness philosophy, to find balance in all aspects of
human life and to find balance around yoga practice and trainings is very important for me
because it makes to feel good about myself. I always like to talk about triple “H”: Health,
Happiness, Harmony. As a profesional Yoga Teacher and during my trainings I normally
focus on working in this triple “H”: If you live a HEALTHY life, you´ll feel free and find
HAPPINESS; if you are happy, you´ll find HARMONY and finally… your inner peace, your
paradise. Then, if you are happy, if you feel good, if you love yourself, you can spread love,
harmony to all. In the end, you can helps others.

What's next in training?

I practice yoga every day, but I also want toned arms, strong core, hands and legs. Yoga
practice give me lots of benefits, mentally, spiritually and physically. But a good combination
of yoga, weighted resistance training focused on functional training and meditation create the
best fusion for me.

What makes you happy?

When I am in the ocean, spending time in nature, with friends, with my dog, to read a good
book, practicing yoga, differentes times...;-)

How do you create balance in your life?

I practice yoga because a train my body but my mind too, but who doesn’t want toned arms ?
I believe that both yoga and strength training are equally important, I think is important being
strong but also being flexible, develop tone, elasticity, stamina, balance but also achieve
cardio. I am passionate of movement but also of meditation, I love feeling relaxed but also strong…. I love mix both and create moving meditation. In the same way, exercise and
nutrition are equally important.. I love eating well (greens, vegetables, enough protein), but
sometimes I love eating chocolate and caramel ice cream... I love talking about opposing
forces, in yoga and in life.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

My mat for my yoga practice and my set of elastic bands for my trainings.

What are your goals for the future? 

I like to describe yoga’s goal as ”wellness”. But I actually does not like to set goals for the
future. I live everyday, every moment, every minute, very focus on my present moment.
Since I left my job I don´t have so much goals. My main goal I think is being better person,
better yogi, better friend, better on all aspects in life. I live every day improving and constantly
learning, with effort and consistency to make this happen.

Who inspires you and why?

To me the most inspiring people are the ones that have been through tough times and
survived it, coming back to life stronger because of it.

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