Brian Monge

Yoga Miami

When I came back to Miami, after playing collegiate Division 1 Soccer for Howard University in D.C, I was introduced to yoga by my two sisters. In the beginning, I started the practicing yoga to enhance my soccer abilities. Shortly after, I developed I.T Band Sydrome and could not play soccer or weight train for 8 months. Yoga was the only physical movement I could at the time. I completely rebuild my body through practice of yoga. When I first started, it was for the physical and therapeutic benefits, but quickly turned into a mental, spiritual and holistic lifestyle. Around the same time, I had finished my RYT-200hr Yoga Training which deepen my yoga practice and teaching. I became fascinated by moving my body in unknown shapes and sequences, and sharing that with my students. This personal exploration lead me to Budokon Mixed Movement Arts (Yoga, Martial Arts/BJJ, Calisthenics, and Free Form Movement). Budokon is a mixture of movement, and it became love at first sight. It continues to test me and bring new awareness in all aspects of my life from the interpretation of movement in my body to way I think. Budokon has created a path of transformation, which the opportunities are endless.

What drives you?

The main thing that drives me is transformational growth either in myself or participating in another individuals/communities.The way I create drive for transformation in the body, mind and soul is through movement/nutrition, education, and meditation. I use these practices to keep myself in state of self-integrity and as a means to reach my personal goals.

Whats next in training? Next for me in training is capoeira and break dancing/bboy. Definitely, strengthening my transitional work, and enhancing my free form movement practice. What makes you happy? I create happiness through building the awareness to appreciate the present moment for what it is whether it's a joyful experience or a struggle. I experience happiness by staying in the present. Also, exploring unknown movement patterns brings me happiness. As well as, teaching and witnessing individuals connect, discover, and understand their bodies through new movement. I find happiness and love when I spend time with family and friends, and my with puppy, Luna.

How do you create balance in your life?

I create balance through organizing my daily schedule from my personal practice, to teaching, to work-related task and events. The night before, I go over the tasks and goals that I need to accomplish before the following day is over. Being prepared is how I find balance, however I have realized that everything is subject to change, and I need to be ready to any moment to just go with the flow and keep walking forward if the day does not play to how I envisioned it.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

My hats

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future is finishing my Budokon trainings and being a RYT- 500hr, being a Budokon black belt under 5 years, and a Jitjsu Black Belt under 10 years. Another goal I have is to travel and doing yoga and Budokon workshop tours all over the world. Within 10 years, I will own a martial arts/yoga/mixed movement gym, which will be a culture hub for movement artist and thinkers to raise awareness for personal, social and economical issues and spawn creativity in our communities.

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