Daniel Rama

Yoga Boulder

Born of a background in functional anatomy, and blessed by the good fortune of maturing in an ashram of traditional Hatha Yoga, international yoga teacher, Daniel Rama, brings a powerful balance of both new and old. His journey towards yoga began with an at-first unfortunate accident, and a grim diagnosis. Being told by doctors that he would never be able to run again, was one of the most traumatic and depressing experiences for the young man studying to become a personal trainer. Through increasingly unappealing circumstances, yoga eventually lead Rama beyond his darkness, and back into the Light. After having tasted, first hand, the healing powers of yoga and meditation, young Rama made it his life purpose to share these gifts with the world. Present day, Rama’s main focus is on showing students how to fine tune the foundations of their practice, and safely advance in the realms of physicality and beyond.

What drives you? 

I believe that, if you boil that question down for long enough, the answer will be the same across the board: Purpose drives me. I believe that we all have some unique way of contributing to the elevation of society; and only in the act of finding and perusing ones purpose will meaning and fulfillment flow into our reality. To put it plainly, I am here to serve. I am here to leave this place and its people just a little bit better than when I first arrived.                

What’s next in training? 

There are two answers to the question of what comes next. On the most accessible level, next in my training is the continued development of bent arm strength and what one might call, out-of-alignment upper body strength.

On a more silent, more important and more interesting level however, next in my training is what ever Life sees fit to try to teach me. In the working towards of ones own purpose, effort is indeed required, but more so is the simple act of observation. If you truly listen to the omens, the environment around you and your own physical system, you will know what needs to come next.

What makes you happy?

I believe that there is a subtle error with the question. Happiness can never come from an object or experience. In truth, I believe that happiness cannot come from anywhere other than within.

Handstands, good food, friendly people and stunning places – these things can never bring happiness. They can however, pierce through the heavy clouds of current circumstance, momentarily revealing that which always has, and always will lay hidden beneath the surface. I believe that we already are happy; and nothing can give you that which you already have.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

One piece of kit I could not live without - It is difficult for me to think of such a significantly elevated object or aspect of my life - Perhaps we can say food, water and the means to pursue my purpose. Everything else is free to come and go.

What are your goals for the future? 

Simply put, my goals for the future, are your goals for the present. I would not be where I am today, I would not be experiencing my life in all its current glory, without the assistance and support of significant figures in the storyline of my life. I would still probably be where I was before, if not for the selflessness of others. I cannot think of a better way to repay those sacred souls than using the rest of my life for serving in a similar way.

If you want something tangible, that could mean continued teaching of workshops, retreats and YTT’s around the world. It could mean the construction of some space geared towards the overall improvement of those interested. It could mean something else entirely; but I believe that I will continue to be directed towards those goals truly in-line with my purpose.

Who inspires you and why?

My inspiration comes from the ongoing success of my all my international programs. If no one enjoyed or benefitted by my teaching, no doubt I would pursue other paths. But supply and demand dictates my efforts should remain active and ongoing.

To all those who have taken time to study with me, and all those who express sincere interest for the future .. keep coming, and I promise to keep teaching. To close in the most appropriate way I can think of, YOU, my dearest friends and students, inspire me. 

This is Trainers Of Tomorrow