Hanna Toivakka

Yoga Helsinki

I’m Hanna, a passionate yoga teacher and media nerd from Finland. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 2 years now and active traveler for the past 10.

What drives you?

I’m driven by constant growth and the feeling of pushing my own limits. I thrive from new experiences but also from everyday small moments and gratitude of this amazing life I get to live. I’m also very driven by making a positive change in this world - something that makes me get up from bed a bit faster in the morning.

What’s next in training?

Besides countless of other reasons why I love yoga so much is the fact that you are never “done”. There is always something new to learn, a new pose to figure out. I’ve been really into Ashtanga yoga for the past two years but have lately also fallen in love with slow vinyasa flow. I’m working on my hand stand at the moment, building strength in my upper body, which used to be non existent before yoga entered my life. Besides yoga I’m also really into Thai boxing and Savate kick boxing, which are totally other kinds of work outs for the body and mind.

What makes you happy?

I try to have a high vibe, happy out look on life everyday. I truly believe the keys to a happy life are in our own hands and you choose how you feel in every situation and moment. Nowadays I can become super happy from the simplest things and new realizations. But ofcourse some outside things are important as well, like the people I love, their happiness, shared accomplishments, seeing that I’ve made a positive difference in someone else’s life, laying in Savasana remembering yet again how simple and beautiful life is, traveling to a new country, having a deep conversations with someone I feel a connection with…

How do you create balance in your life?

Right now I’m leading kind of an hectic life, running two companies and trying to build the latest one, which I started with a good friend of mine (Sonja Hannus) only 2,5 months a go. Lately I‘ve had to teach myself the same things I tell my students. To just focus on this moment, my own breath, to listen to my body and heart and to not let my thoughts and fears rule my life. Accepting everything that is and letting go of things that no longer serve me. To not get attached to an outcome but at the same time have the courage to dream and take action. Telling myself “you’re doing good, girl” as often as I can ;)

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

Yoga mat 100%, we’ve seen a lot of LIFE together!

What are your goals for the future?

I’m highly motivated to grow our yoga & well-being company VIRTA Well-being to it’s full potential. Sharing the wisdom of yoga to everyone who needs it. My goal is to be able to make yoga and meditation a norm for kids specially, to help build a more conscious world. Also what is very important to me is to stay motivated and curious about my own practice (and life). To enjoy every step of the progress.

Who inspires you and why?

I get inspired by people who are authentic and real, have the courage to live according to that, what ever it may be. I’m really inspired by women who are committed to their own growth, not gossiping or bringing other women down, but eager to encourage them. I’ve lately had the privilege to meet and get to know (also through social media) a lot of power women like that!


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