Hunter Seagroves

PT Los Angeles

My name is Hunter Seagroves. I was raised in a military family primarily in Tennessee and North Carolina, in the southern United States. Growing up, I was involved in the big American sports, football, baseball, basketball, and played very competitively through my adolescence. I was also very passionate about music and literature, and I became involved in acting and performing in high school. I ultimately decided I wanted to pursue acting as a career. I attended a prestigious conservatory program for college, and moved to Los Angeles upon graduation in 2010. There were some small successes here and there, but never anything major, and I learned hard life lessons through experiences with personal loss through my twenties. I met my wife at age 28, and our son, River, was born less than a year later. I realized I was much more in love with my family and with movement than I was with acting, and committed myself to helping and educating others full time. Movement is the most under-rated factor in quality of life, and I try to approach it with the zeal of an artist in the hopes that I can lead others to live more fully and ably. Her passion lies in supporting women to achieve their goals in long term health and lifestyle changes. She endeavors to help people become more intuitive with their bodies and aims to empower women to transform how they feel about themselves and improve their wellbeing. This, she believes, will in turn contribute to a much wider healthy and connected community.

What drives you? 

I’m driven by a need to discover more about myself, to unravel things layer by layer, to improve, and become more well rounded. I’m driven by the difference between good and optimal. I’m driven by a commitment to quality, integrity, and craftsmanship. I’m driven by the knowledge that all great art is rooted in specificity. I’m driven by the love of being a student and learning.

What's next in training? 

I’m an obsessed student of the Ido Portal Method. I think it’s important to continue to bridge the gap in people’s awareness between training and movement as a concept. The best workout you could possibly have still only accounts for a fraction of your day. I believe we have to sustain our relationship with our bodies in between training sessions, to integrate more movement into our daily activities, to diversify, and supplement a rich movement practice with a meditative practice of stillness as well.

What makes you happy?

Life is full of beauty and blessings. My family makes me happy. My wife and my son, my parents, my two sisters. Working hard and investing in my practice makes me happy. Seeing my students and clients improve makes me happy. I love learning, and I love teaching.

How do you create balance in your life?

Balance takes practice, and isn’t a concrete concept or commodity. Having balance in one aspect of life may not translate to another aspect. I train hard, prioritize recovery, I don’t multitask, and I surround myself with people who act as compasses to help me keep things in perspective.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

While I definitely love my rubber bands for warmup and prehab, I couldn’t live without my gymnastics rings. They’ve become a symbol of my practice, and one of my closer possessions.

What are your goals for the future?

My goal is to be the proprietor of a space that allows people to congregate around movement. I want to cultivate worthwhile process with individuals of integrity across a wide spectrum, and to provide quality education to those who seek it. In a time when information is so accessible to us via the internet, and connecting to others has never been easier via social platforms, I worry we have never been so miseducated and isolated from one another. We need to be together, and we need to move. Our health and, potentially, the health of our planet depends upon it.

Who inspires you and why?

My wife is one of my greatest inspirations. I find that she is, effortlessly, so many things I work very hard to be. There is an ease and kindness to her that run deeper than words can say, and a strength that is terrifying at times. She inspires me to be a better father to our son, and partner to her, just by her selfless action and devotion to us. I’m inspired to make honorable choices every day on her behalf, because of the beauty of the life she’s given me, and because of the knowledge that it could all end in a moment. I cherish each day of our life together. I’m also hugely inspired by Ido :)

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