Ina Batziakas

Yoga Cologne

My name is Ina, founder of Yogalicious Köln.I am 35 years old and I live in the wonderful Rhine metropolis Cologne since 10 years now. I am a social worker/educator and a trained yoga teacher. Through a burnout some years ago, I wanted to create a space for those who need a balanced place. Often we feel stressed by our environment, our family, friends, jobs or everyday life. And sometimes we do not realize that we have been demanding too much for far too long without replenishing our energy reserves. For a healthy balance of our being, it is important to create a balance between body, mind and soul. Yoga offers a wonderful opportunity to practice all of this. My yoga style is actually rather sporty but with a focus of lightness and intuition. So yoga is holistic to look at. Modern, powerful and gentle, my practice aims to harmonize body, mind and soul. Discovering the own boundaries and how to move and break them to see how each time you move forward a bit. I like to use different yoga styles and combine them to increase physical and mental fitness. Simultaneous training of the mind, the body and the rest and serenity leads to a holistic effect.

What drives you?

I clearly draw my energy from my yoga practice. The path reveals a view of a healthier and more balanced life. The joy of exercise, meditation and inner balance are my motor. They make me radiate, fill me with energy, give me the energy to look curiously and inquisitive towards the things in the world.
My own yoga practice has shown me how holistic balance opens perspectives, self-imposed boundaries can suddenly shift or even be broken. And suddenly there is so much more freedom. And suddenly you can gradually let go.

What's next in training?

I would like to gain further experience in yoga in the future. In our time, so many new styles have been created and I am curious in many directions. I like to pass on experiences that I have made and learned myself. Because I think that this is the most authentic way to convey this.
But not only yoga styles can be combined with yoga styles. My vision for the future could perhaps include trends in yoga and Thai chi or a fusion of yoga and elements of self-defense.

What makes you happy?

What makes me happy is to see others being happy. It makes me happy to see others outgrow themselves. It makes me happy to look into sparkling eyes.
I am happy when I am allowed to accompany others on their way, no matter if it is only short or longer. I'm happy when I can give a small piece of me to others and I can do something good by doing so.

How do you create balance in your life?

I draw my balance from my yoga practice, it lets me rest in it. In stormy times it is like an anchor. And if this is not enough, I have my loving husband, family and friends who are always there for me.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?


What are your goals for the future? 

My goals are to keep others on their yoga beginnings and to accompany them. Help them to find the peace in themselves, so they can find peace everywhere.

I want to create that place, where no one is afraid of doing yoga because they might think they can`t do yoga because they are not sporty enough, too small, too big, not bendy or whatever.

I want to create a place where everyone starts his own journey.

Who inspires you and why?

I can not name a specific name here because there are so many people who have inspired me, who are currently inspiring me or who will inspire me in the future. Sometimes the person who sits in the train in front of me in some way inspires me. Sometimes it's a person from a movie. My family and friends. Other yoga teachers or athletes. Cooks or storytellers. The homeless one. The lucky guy, the unlucky one. So the whole world can inspire you when you look, listen and sympathize.

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