Jaime Tully

Yoga London

My name is Jaime Tully. I am Canadian, though I have travelled to many places leaving little pieces of my heart all over the World. I have recently settled in London, England where I work as a full- time yoga teacher. I teach privately, and at Core Collective in Kensington and am so fortunate to be able to say I love what I do. I have recently had the opportunity to combine my love of travel and yoga and have begun leading retreats around the World, which always have a strong emphasis on culture. I am looking forward to see where my life takes me next.

What drives you?

I moved out at a young age and struggled through my adolescence a bit as a result, but I always wanted so much more in life, and I knew I could find balance and be happy if I just kept working for it. So, I suppose that’s what drives me – my happiness. I never want to be unhappy again and having the opportunity to do what I love requires work and dedication. It’s also incredibly easy to be motivated when you’re happy.

What’s next in training?

I just got back from a training! I did 100 hours of yin and 100 hours of rocket. It felt great to be able to dedicate a full month to my own practice as often teaching can take it out of me. It was a good reminder that I need to make more time for myself. I love attending workshops to keep my knowledge as broad as possible as well, as a teacher I feel I need to be constantly learning.

What makes you happy?

I like to think I am very simple! The little things keep me happy, a good book is always a nice start, but I am fortunate to have a good social group as well and a very supportive partner. I think it’s important to appreciate the little things, like walking outdoors when the weather is nice, and being creative whether that’s through art or cooking. I also love to travel. I think it’s so important to dive into different cultures and learn as much as I can about how other people live and through travel I have realised you don’t need much to be happy.

How do you create balance in your life?

Me days / days off. That is really important. When I first started teaching I was doing it 7 days a week, thinking oh it’s just one class this day, the rest of the day is mine, and then one class turns into two, and eventually you burn out. I have only recently given myself Sunday’s off and it has made such a difference because I am free to make plans, to spend time with my loved ones without any other commitments. I also give myself one weekday off for me. Usually everyone I know is at work so it’s my day to go to a class, to read a book at a café, do anything I want, basically. Sometimes it means no yoga at all.

What’s the one piece of kit you could not live without.

Probably my yoga mat or a re-usable water bottle. I could live without them, but I have to say I am happy that I’m fortunate enough to have them.

What are your goals for the future?

I would love to own a space that holds yoga retreats. Somewhere close enough that I could spend a lot of my time there. I would love to combine my two passions, travel and yoga, into something that I could share with people on a full-time basis. I would also love the opportunity to learn a new language.

Who inspires you and why?

I have no singular inspirations. I think it’s inspiring when I meet someone who absolutely loves their job and their life and radiates positivity, but not everyone has the same opportunities, so I find it more inspiring when people choose to give back. There are so many people who are doing incredible things for others. It’s so easy to get involved in a local charity, and to put your spare time and effort into a cause that means a lot to you, whether that is woman’s rights, helpless children, endangered animals, the refugee crisis. Some people dedicate their lives to helping a cause, those people inspire me.

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